1. Testudo Statue

There are lots of superstition surrounding the Testudo statue. Legend has it if you rub the statue on its nose, it’s supposed to bring you good luck. Students do this on game days to give the Terps some extra luck before big games. Students have been known to leave Testudo offerings such as beer or poems. Students even leave larger gifts, which depending on how desperate for a win they are may even include large ticket items such as TVs.

2. Terp Alley Walk

Approximately two and a half hours before the game the Terps, the cheer squad, and the band walk down Terp Alley to the stadium. Here is a great chance to get up close with the players and coaches before the game. If you want to meet your heroes in person, then there is no better place to do that than at the Terp Alley Walk.

3. Jingle Your Keys

Maryland fans will jingle their keys to show support when the team is on offense, yet still allow the team to hear the signals from the backfield. Make sure to bring your keys to the game so that you can cheer on the Terps.

4. Cannon

At every home game, a small cannon is fired after a Maryland score, prompting the mascot Testudo to hit the deck and do push-ups. Listen for the cannon for your chance to cheer on Testudo as he does his push-ups.

5. Move Those Chains

When the Terps make a first down, fans will start with a deafening “Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” followed by three chants of “Move those chains!” while making the first down signal. Join in on this iconic cheer to get the most out of a Maryland football game.

6. Terrapins

Maryland has one of the most unique mascots in all of the sports, the terrapin. The mascot was suggested by Curley Byrd in 1932 and has taken off ever since. However, going back to 1928 Maryland athletics teams had been called Terrapins on occasion.

7. Tyser Tower

This 90-foot-high, five tier building was constructed in 1991 and accommodates for 300 exterior luxury suites, a hospitality suite with theater style seating, television and radio booths, and a photo deck. If you want to experience a Terps game in style, make sure to get seats in Tyser Tower.

8. Maryland State Flag Colors

The Maryland Terrapins colors are based on the colors of the Maryland flag: red, white, black, and gold. However, over the years the dominant colors have changed back and forth depending on the head coach. Regardless of the this though the university always represents the state’s colors in one form or another.

9. Mighty Sound of Maryland

The Mighty Sound of Maryland is the official marching band of the University of Maryland. The team puts on a great show that any college football and marching band enthusiasts would enjoy. Some of their most famous songs to perform are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Theme Song and the University’s Victory song.

10. The University of Maryland Athletics Hall of Fame

If you get into town early for the game be sure to check out the University of Maryland Athletics Hall of Fame. Here you’ll find a great selection of Maryland memorabilia and mementos of former Maryland greats.

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