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UMass recently moved up to the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) in 2012, and the program’s growth has created a lot of buzz around Minutemen football. UMass students and alumni alike are abuzz with the prospects of competing in major bowl games, and as a result, you’ll find a lively atmosphere surrounding Amherst on game days.  

The crowd during the game is one of the wildest you will see in the northeast, and that comes with stiff competition from Boston College and UConn who have more established programs.  UMass fans take it to another level though when it comes to showing their support and creating a raucous atmosphere. The fans load up before and scream just about everything imaginable at the opposing team and the refs, hence their nickname “The Zoo.” They are a passionate fanbase for all sporting events, and no sport is bigger in collegiate sports than football.UMass fans are some of the rowdiest fans in the northeast and won’t hesitate to try and get under the skin of opponents.

In addition to a rowdy crowd, you’ll also find lots of pageantry on display at a UMass football game. The UMass Marching Band puts on a great show that rivals just about any band out there, and you’ll see lots of great routines performed by the cheerleaders and mascot.

A UMass football game is a great time for anyone looking to experience a college football game in Massachusetts, so get your tickets today.

Things to check out

Football Performance Center

If you get the chance make sure to check out UMass’s new Football Performance Center. The new facility is where everything behind the scenes goes on and is home to a football hall of fame, so make sure to check it out.

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Check out the banners celebrating past UMass players hanging around the stadium. The banners honor all of the best players in Minutemen history, so take a minute to remember all of your favorite players of the past including Victor Cruz and Greg Landry.

The Zoo

UMass students form a rowdy cheering section known as “The Zoo” on game days. The Zoo is the loudest and wildest section at any Minutemen game, so come prepared to get loud if you’re sitting in or near the UMass student section.

Sam the Minuteman

Sam the Minuteman is the official mascot of the UMass Minutemen and was the runner up in the 2005 Capital One Mascot of the Year competition. All throughout the game you can see Sam entertaining the crowd, so keep your eyes peeled for him when attending a Minutemen football game.

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University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band (UMMB)

The Minuteman Marching Band puts on an incredible show at Minutemen football games and is a big part of what makes a UMass football game such a spectacular event. The band’s pregame, halftime, and postgame shows are out of this world, so don’t miss them when attending a UMass game.

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Fight Songs

  1. Fight Mass

    Fight, Fight Massachusetts
    Fight, Fight every play Fight, Fight for a touchdown
    Fight all your might today
    Rah, Rah, Rah
    Fight down the field Massachusetts
    The Stars and the Stripes will gleam
    Fight, Fight for Ol’ Bay State
    Fight for the Team, Team, Team  (CHANT)
    Go U
    Go U Mass
    Go UMass
    Go U
    Go U Mass
    Go UMass
    Go U
    Go U Mass
    Go UMass
    Fight down the field Massachusetts
    The Stars and the Stripes will gleam Fight, Fight for Ol’ Bay State
    Fight for the Team, Team, Team

  2. Twilight Shadows

    When twilight shadows deepen
    and the study hour draws nigh,
    When shades of night are falling
    and the evening breezes sigh,
    ‘Tis then we love to gather
    ‘Neath the pale moon’s sil’very spell. And lift our hearts and voices,
    in the songs we love so well.
    Sons of old Massachusetts, Devoted daughters true:
    Baystate, ol’ Baystate, We’ll give our best to you.
    Thee, our Alma Mater, We’ll cherish for all time.
    Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
    Massachusetts, yours and mine.  

  3. My Way

    And now the end is near
    And so I face the final curtain
    My friends I’ll say it clear
    I’ll state my case of which I’m certain
    I’ve lived a life that’s full
    I traveled each and every highway
    And more, much more than this
    I did it my way

  4. Cheer For UMass/Roll Down the Field

    Here we go, Here we go, Go UMass
    Go ———– Go U Fight ——- UMass Go, Go, Fight, Fight, Win, Win – Go UMass  Verse 1
    Cheer for UMass Show your Strength Show your Power and Class
    Lets Cheer for the Past Minutemen had pride, guts and glory
    So Cheer Massachusetts
    Show them how to FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT
    With fierce Loyalty, Massachusetts we cheer for thee
    Verse 2
    Roll Down the Field Take that ball, give your all, never yield. Let’s Roll up the score Let the foe, really know, what we’re here for
    Let’s crash through that line and,
    Show them how to FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT
    And until victory’s sealed
    Massachusetts roll down the field.

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