1. The Smoke

The Hurricanes’ entrance may be the most famous in all of college football as the team enters the field through a giant cloud of smoke. The entrance dates back to the 1950s when transportation director Bob Nalette got the idea of using fire extinguishers to create the famous smoke. Since then the entrance has been copied by many high school, college, and even NFL teams. It was even parodied in a 2001 ABC college football commercial. If attending a Hurricanes game make sure to get to your seat before kickoff to check out this iconic entrance.

2. Four Fingers

Before the fourth quarter, Miami players and fans hold up four fingers to signal that the game is won in the final quarter. Hurricanes fans and players use this gesture to symbolize that they own the fourth quarter. Let everyone know the Canes own the fourth quarter with your four finger salute.

3. Ring of Honor

The Ring of Honor is how the Hurricanes honor former greats. The Ring originated in 1997 with members being selected by an anonymous advisory board, the head coach, and director of athletics. Inductees include Jim Kelly, Jim Dooley, Vinny Testaverde, and Edgerrin James. If attending a Hurricanes game make sure to take some time to check out the Ring of Honor.

4. Band of the Hour

The Band of the Hour performs before and during halftime of every Hurricanes game. The band has performed at many bowl games including the Cotton Bowl, Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl. They have also been featured on national TV and have hosted the American Bandmasters’ Association. The Band of the Hour put on a great show, so don’t leave your seat at halftime.

5. Florida Cup

The Florida Cup is awarded each year to the round robin winner between Miami, Florida State, and Florida. The trophy was started in 2002. However, the teams have been battling for state supremacy for much longer. Miami first played Florida in 1938 and Florida State in 1951, winning both of these meetings.

6. The U

One of the things Miami fans are known for is using their hands to make a U. This hand gesture is an excellent way to let other fans know who you cheer for and to show off your team pride.

7. Canes Cheers

The Hurricanes have some incredible cheers including this one that starts after a big play where one fan starts by screaming, “WE GOT SOME CANES OVER HERE.” Fans surrounding him will then follow with a, “WHOOSH, WHOOSH” as the fans explode into a frenzy. This cheer among others is sure to put a shiver down the spine of fans and players alike.

8. Touchdown Tommy

Touchdown Tommy is a giant cannon that is fired as the team enters the field and after every Canes’ score. The cannon is maintained by the Sigma Chi fraternity showing off the level of devotion the students and fans have to the team.

9. Sebastian the Ibis

Sebastian is the official Hurricanes mascot and is an American white ibis. The mascot was originally an entry for a homecoming contest in 1957 and made his first gameday appearance the following year. Look for Sebastian as he leads the team through the smoke and onto the field.

10. Orange, Green, and White

Miami chose their colors of orange, green, and white in 1926. The colors were selected to represent an orange tree as orange represents the fruit, green the leaves, and white the blossoms. Put on your orange, green, and white and cheer on the Hurricanes to victory.

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