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Minnesotans are famous for being nice, and Gopher fans are no different as here you’ll find some of the nicest and friendliest fans around. As long as you’re wearing Gophers gear, you’ll fit right in as everyone will be happy for you to join in on the chants and cheers. However, just because the fans are super friendly, that doesn’t mean that Gophers fans aren’t very passionate. Gophers fans can get really loud especially for rivalry games and night games.

The fans here love to cheer on their Gophers particularly Goldy who is one of the best mascots in college sports. Goldy’s signature move is the ability to spin his head, which riles up the crowd and gets everyone going. If attending a Gophers game make sure to look for Goldy as his antics are worth the price of admission all on their own. 

TCF Bank Stadium itself makes the trip worthwhile on its own as it is one of the most beautiful stadiums in the country. It provides great sight lines as well as plenty of legroom meaning you’ll enjoy the game no matter where you’re sitting. The open end of stadium offers a great view of Williams Arena and downtown Minneapolis, so you’ll get not only a great view of the action on the field but also a beautiful view of Minneapolis.

Things to check out

T. Denny Sanford Athletics Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame features exhibits from all Gophers sports including images, artifacts, and interactive activities.

Gophers Locker Room

If you’re looking to find some Gophers gear on game day or want to pick up a souvenir checkout Goldy’s Locker Room.


The scoreboard is the ninth biggest in the college football and is 48 by 100 feet.

Do the Gopher

Between the third and fourth quarter everyone rises to their feet to ““Do the Gopher.” The Gopher energizes the crowd and gets everyone ready to cheer on the Gophers through the final quarter.

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Super Goldy

After every Gopher score Goldy does a pushup for every point the Gophers have scored as the fans count along.

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Battle Hymn of the Republic

The Battle Hymn of the Republic is a staple of the University of Minnesota pregame band show, which features its famous swinging gate formation. While the band performs everyone in the crowd swings their right hand back in forth to the tune of the song.

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Fight Songs

  1. Minnesota Rouser

    Played various times throughout the game including after every Gophers score.

    Minnesota, hats off to thee,
    To thy colors true we shall ever be,
    Firm and strong, united are we.
    Rah! Rah! Rah! for Ski-U-Mah,
    Rah for the U. of M.

    Minnesota, hats off to thee,
    To thy colors true we shall ever be,
    Firm and strong, united are we.
    Rah! Rah! Rah! for Ski-U-Mah,
    Rah for the U. of M.
    Minnesota! Minnesota!
    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah GOPHERS!

  2. Hail! Minnesota

    After every game the players and coaches gather in the east end zone and sing the school’s alma mater

    Minnesota, Hail to Thee!
    Hail to Thee, our College dear!
    Thy light shall ever be
    A beacon bright and clear.
    Thy sons and daughters true Will proclaim Thee near and far.
    They will guard Thy fame
    And adore Thy name;
    Thou shalt be their Northern Star!
    Hail to Thee our Prexy, Sire,
    Thou hast made us all Thine own,
    And our hearts one boon aspire. That our love may be Thy throne.
    Throughout our future years Naught can e’er Thy memory mar.
    We will guard Thy fame
    And adore Thy name,
    Thou shalt be our Northern Star.

  3. Go Gopher Victory

    Go! Gopher victory, Minnesota go! Go Gopher victory, hit them hard and low! Rah! Rah! Rah! Go! Gopher victory, we can always win,
    With a rah, rah,
    rah, ski-u-mah!
    Hurrah, hurrah, Minnesota!
    We can fight! fight! fight! and fight!
    Come on Minnesota, Let’s go.

  4. Minnesota March

    Rah! Rah! Ski-U-Mah. Rah! Rah! Rah!
    March on, March on to Victory.
    Loyal Sons of Varsity.
    Fight on, Fight on for Minnesota
    For the glory of the Old Maroon and Gold.
    March on, March on to win the game.
    Down the field, fighting every play.
    We’re with you, team, Fighting team!
    Hear our song, we cheer along To help you win
    a victory.

  5. Our Minnesota

    On you Gophers! You fighting Gophers!
    Break that line, and win this game!
    Fight it through men, win the Big Ten,
    Make them sorry that they came!
    For the glory of Minnesota!
    For the honor that’s her due! For maroon and gold, be warriors bold! For dear old “U”.

  6. Minnesota Fight

    Minnesota! Come on! Let’s go!
    It’s a loyal crowd that’s here.
    With a Sis-boom-ah, and a Ski-U-Mah.
    For the varsity we cheer, Rah! Rah! Rah!
    The old fight gang! On your marks,
    Slam! Bang! Hit ’em hard and hit ’em low.
    So Fight, Minnesota, Fight! Minnesota! Come on let’s go!

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