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The Ole Miss Rebels play at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, which is one of the oldest stadiums in the country having opened in 1915. When the stadium opened, it was named for Judge William Hemingway, a professor of law and chairman of the university’s committee on athletics. On October 12, 1982, saw the addition of legendary Ole Miss coach Johnny Vaught’s name to the stadium. The stadium is a staple of the Ole Miss tradition and is dear to the Rebels’ hearts.

Inside Vaught-Hemingway Stadium you’ll find 62,657 Rowdy Rebel fans screaming and cheering as the Rebels take the field. The fans at Ole Miss come out loud and ready to cheer as they’re fully behind their team before they even take the field.. Rebel’s fans also won’t hesitate to boo opposing teams as they enter the field. However, it is all in good fun as Ole Miss fans are very hospitable to opposing fans.

There is no mistaking that Vaught-Hemingway is home to a SEC football program and a school where football is king as the intense pregame atmosphere carries on throughout the game. Students remain standing for the entire game on Saturdays, and positive plays are greeted with stadium-shaking celebrations.

One of the most famous celebrations is the Hotty Toddy celebration. It is a staple piece in Ole Miss history for over 100 years. When it first made its appearance, it became an instant classic. Beginning with the biggest question a Rebels fan could ask on game day, “Are you READY?”, Any Rebels fan within earshot knows what comes next. The gameday experience at Ole Miss is very inclusive and no matter who you are rooting for, you are bound to have a great time.

Things to check out


Vaught-Hemingway Stadium is home to the eighth largest scoreboard in the NCAA. This scoreboard stands at 48 feet by 84 feet and provides high definite replays that give fans a great picture of what happened on the field.

The Pride of the South

The Pride of the South Band at Ole Miss puts on a great game day performance that’ll make you not want to leave your seat during halftime. This 300+ member band gets the crowd pumped up at the most important parts of the game, so you’ll feel their presence when attending a game at Ole Miss.

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Rebel Black Bear

Rebel Black Bear was chosen as the new Ole Miss mascot in 2010. This giant anthropomorphic bear can be seen roaming the sidelines and cheering on the Rebels during games. Look for Rebel Black Bear to entertain fans with his in-game antics.

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Locking the Vaught

At the beginning of each game, students and fans lock arms to signify the locking of the opponent into the stadium. It causes quite the stir and intimidates the opponent before they enter the stadium and again at the beginning of the third quarter.

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Fight Songs

  1. Dixie

    I wish I was in the land of cotton,
    old times there are not forgotten, Look away, look away, look away, Dixie Land.
    In Dixie Land where I was born in,
    early on a frosty mornin’,
    Look away, look away, look away, Dixie Land.
    Then I wish I was in Dixie, hooray! hooray!
    In Dixie Land I’ll take my stand to live and die in Dixie,
    Away, away, away down South in Dixie,
    Away, away, away down South in Dixie.

  2. Forward Rebels

    Forward Rebels, march to fame, Hit that line and win this game, We know that you’ll fight it through,
    For your colors Red and Blue Rah, Rah, Rah. Rebels you’re the Southland’s pride,
    Take that ball and hit your stride,
    Don’t stop ’till the victory’s won,
    For your Ole Miss. Fight, fight for your Ole Miss.

  3. University of Mississippi Alma Mater

    Way down south in Mississippi, There’s a spot that ever calls, Where amongst the hills enfolded, Stand old Alma Mater’s Halls. Where the trees lift high their branches,
    To the whispering Southern breeze, There Ole Miss is calling, calling, To our hearts fond memories.

  4. Hotty Toddy

    Heighty! Tighty!
    Gosh A Mighty!
    Who in the hell are we?
    Rim! Ram! Flim! Flam!
    Ole Miss, by Damn

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