Tailgating at the University of Missouri has been a long standing tradition for many years. Fans will paint the town of Columbia in gold on Saturdays in support of their beloved Tigers. The students are in love with their school, and it shows! One of the unique things about Mizzou’s tailgate is that they are in love with their chili. You have two choices when going to a Mizzou tailgate: Make a whole lot of your family’s best chili, or come ready to eat enough chili for an entire family. It is a staple at every Mizzou tailgate, and it is oh so scrumptious.

Mizzou’s fans are one of the nicest fan bases out there. They are very welcoming and will play host to even the opposing team’s fans just to have some good conversation and meet some new friend along the way. That doesn’t mean that Mizzou doesn’t have team spirit, though. Be ready for a very loud environment with many cheers, chants, and songs because when in Tiger Country, do as the Tigers do!


Tiger Walk

One of the most fun traditions at every tailgate is the “Tiger Walk.” Approximately 2 hours before the start of the game, the team starts at the Mizzou Athletic Training Complex, marches across Pedestrian Bridge on campus down to the south tunnel where they enter the locker room. The fans follow the team cheering and getting pumped up for the game.

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The Antlers Tailgate Spot

The Antlers are a group of dedicated Mizzou tailgaters who have been tailgating for Mizzou games for as long as they remember. If you’re looking to let loose and party then the Antlers provide a great place for you.

The Jungle

The Jungle has roughly 20 tables set up for student organizations to set up. Even though they are all students, they still come together in your traditional tailgate frenzy of grilling sausages, burgers, guzzling down alcohol, and bringing a whole lot of spirit.

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One of the more interesting facts about Missouri is that Mizzou is the birthplace of Homecoming - one of the most shared and recognizable traditions in all of college football. The University would invite alumni to "come home" for the game. In 1911, the tradition of Homecoming at the University of Missouri began with a spirit rally, a parade and more than 9,000 fans packed into Rollins Field (now Stankowski Field) to watch Mizzou football. It has since served as a model for the various Homecoming celebrations that take place across the nation. Take a chance to attend the Mizzou homecoming game to experience homecoming in its purest form.

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Where to tailgate

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