1. Rock M

As soon as the stadium comes into view, the first thing fans and opponents alike will see the massive rock “M” that stands above the north end zone. The M was built by a group of freshman students in 1927 and has been an integral part of the stadium ever since. Nebraska and Kansas fans have tried to turn the M into an N or K but the groundskeepers and students are very protective of this historic landmark inside their stadium, and no one has succeeded in altering the M.

2. Black Out Game

The very last home game of the season (which is also senior night) is the black-out game in which fans are encouraged to wear all black. The game is played at night, and even the Tigers players are decked out in black uniforms. The coaches will participate as well by wearing black shirts.

3. Big MO

A staple piece in the excitement on Mizzou game day, this 9-foot diameter drum is the largest bass drum in college football! The drum is traditionally run down Faurot Field and then beaten in the end zone before the game and also when a touchdown is scored.

4. Marching Mizzou

The Mizzou marching band was established in 1885 and is one of the premier bands in the nation. Their signature drill at home football games is the “Flip Tigers” in which they play Fight Tiger and form the word “MIZZOU” and in just eight beats the band moves to spell out “TIGERS”!

5. Tiger Walk

One of the most fun traditions at every tailgate is the “Tiger Walk..” Approximately 2 hours before the start of the game, the team starts at the Mizzou Athletic Training Complex, marches across Pedestrian Bridge on campus down to the south tunnel where they enter the locker room. The fans follow the team cheering and getting pumped up for the game.

6. MIZ-ZOU Chant

This tradition began in 1976 during a game between the Tigers and Ohio State and had carried on to today. The Marching Mizzou will begin their halftime show by splitting to opposite sides of the stadium and have one side of fans chanting “M-I-Z” followed by the other side chanting “Z-O-U.” Usually, the student section will shout the first half while the alumni section will follow with the latter half.

7. Gold Rush

Originally fans were encouraged to wear gold to one game a season until the Gold Rush game in 2007 against Nebraska. Head coach Pinkel thought the game day atmosphere was so successful that he and the athletic department asked fans only to wear gold the rest of the season (with the exclusion of the black-out game). After the 2007 season, the first home game has become known as the Gold Rush Kickoff game, and everyone wears gold for the remainder of the season up until the Black Out Game.

8. Truman the Tiger

Mizzou’s official mascot can be seen throughout the game hyping the crowd up with special dances and routines. He puts on quite the show and will keep you well entertained during stoppages in play.

9. Homecoming

One of the more interesting facts about Missouri is that Mizzou is the birthplace of Homecoming – one of the most shared and recognizable traditions in all of college football. The University would invite alumni to “come home” for the game. In 1911, the tradition of Homecoming at the University of Missouri began with a spirit rally, a parade and more than 9,000 fans packed into Rollins Field (now Stankowski Field) to watch Mizzou football. It has since served as a model for the various Homecoming celebrations that take place across the nation. Take a chance to attend the Mizzou homecoming game to experience homecoming in its purest form.

10. Border War

When you think of Missouri’s biggest rival Kansas is the first thing that comes to mind.They have been playing since the 1890s and are neck and neck in their all-time series against each other, with the Tigers holding a slight 57-54-9 edge. These two have been in this constant border war struggle even during the actual Border War between Kansas and Missouri citizens during the Civil War. In 2012 Missouri moved to the  SEC, and since then these two bitter rivals haven’t met on the gridiron. It has been a while since they played, but if and when they play, it’ll be an all-out brawl that you won’t want to miss.

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