1. Sell Out

The Cornhuskers currently hold the NCAA record for most consecutive Sellouts. The streak dates back to 1962 and has amassed over 300 games during the current streak. Be a part of this very special tradition by attending a Nebraska football game in Lincoln.

2. Balloons

The balloon release tradition has been in place since the 1940s and is the only one of its kind in college football. After the Huskers score their first touchdown, thousands of red balloons are released into the sky by the fans inside Memorial Stadium so make sure to grabs your balloon outside the stadium before game time.

3. Sea of Red

The entire city of Lincoln Nebraska wears red on Gameday and as a result, their fans and student section have earned the nicknamed “The Sea of Red.”  At Nebraska there’s always a “red out” and you will rarely see people in any other color. Make sure to wear red when attending a Huskers game as you’ll surely want to join the Sea of Red.

4. CornHeads

Nebraska is 99% Agriculture, and since corn is their main crop, they named themselves “The Cornhuskers (Huskers for short).  Many fans wear giant corn cobs on their heads, similar to Packer Cheeseheads. If you really want to get in the Husker game day spirit, make sure to pick yourself up a corn head to wear with pride at the game.

5. Walkon Tradition

Under Tom Osborne, the winningest coach in Nebraska history and god amongst Nebraskans, Nebraska was known for their walk-on program.  Even though many of the players never made it to the official practice field, there are many instances of players working themselves up through the ranks, finally breaking onto the Nebraska Roster.

6. BlackShirts

The Husker defense is nicknamed the Blackshirts, which stems from the reference to the black practice jerseys worn by first-string defensive players since the 1960s. The Blackshirts have adopted a skull and crossbones as their symbol, and many players will make an “X” (nicknamed throwing the bones) after a key defensive play in tribute to their symbol.

7. Biggest City/ No Pro Team

Memorial Stadium is the third largest city in the state of Nebraska on Game Day. The large crowds at Nebraska provide an excellent game day experience unique from anything else in the country.

8. Tunnel Walk

The Stadium shows a pump up video and a live stream of the players walking through the tunnels to the field as the players take the field.  The crowd grows louder and louder as they get closer until the stadium erupts when the team runs onto the field.

9. Band Practice

Fans can watch the band before the game even starts during their practice one hour before the game at the library.  They’ll play some of the Nebraska traditional songs, such as “there’s no place like Nebraska” or “Hail Varsity. If you’re looking for something to do before the game head on down to the library to experience the Nebraska band before the game even starts.

10. #Winning

The Cornhuskers have won five national championships.  The Huskers won back-to-back crowns in 1970 and 1971, before winning titles in 1994, 1995 and 1997.  Husker fans expect their team to win every game and compete on the national stage every season.  They have had a few recent troubling seasons, but the Fans will cheer on their Huskers Rain or Shine!

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