1. Hey Reb

Hey, Reb has been a fixture at UNLV games since 1983 and makes quite the impression with his long mustache and musket. Hey, Reb is also known for being one of the best mascots in the NCAA having come in second in the 2004 Capital one Mascot of the Year competition.

2. Rebel Block Party

If you’re looking for a great tailgating experience, then check out the Rebel Block Party. The Block Party provides a whole host of entertainment, food, and beverages. The food, in particular, is great here as you’ll have the option to purchase local cuisine from food trucks or become a VIP member and enjoy an all you can eat buffet.

3. Battle of Nevada

There is no love lost between Nevada and instate rivals UNLV, as these two teams have had a deep hatred for each other since they first met in 1969. Each time these teams have met since 1970 the winner of the game has walked away with the Fremont Cannon, which was introduced by Nevada alum and UNLV’s first football coach Bill Ireland. Over the years this rivalry has taken a bit of a backseat to others due to the two teams not being in the same conference. However since Nevada joined the Mountain West in 2012, the rivalry has picked up again.

4. Clark County High School Football Coaches Hall of Fame

The stadium gives a pretty nice tip of the hat high school coaches in the area as the Hall of Fame located at Sam Boyd Stadium pays a nice tribute to local greats. UNLV realizes that a good high school coach builds the foundation for many of the athletes that play in college and it is nice to see these coaches get recognized for it.

5. Star Nursery Tailgate Area

The Star Nursery Tailgate Area to the north of Sam Boyd Stadium offers both reserved and general admission tailgate spots. If you’re planning a large party, you’ll want to make sure to reserve a spot, as you get a 30 ft by 30 ft space when you reserve a spot versus one parking spot if you go the general admission route. No matter what size tailgate party, you’re throwing you’ll have an excellent time tailgating in the Star Nursery Tailgate Area.

6. Rebels Chop

One of UNLV’s signature cheers is the Rebels Chop. During the chant Rebels, fans chant Re-bels! while makes a chopping motion with their arm. The chant energizes the team and gives everyone up and chanting.

7. Star of Nevada Marching Band

The over 100+ person marching band puts on an excellent performance at UNLV games. Their halftime shows, in particular, are outstanding as they get everyone riled up to cheer on the Rebels in the second half. Make sure to stay in your seat at halftime as you wouldn’t want to miss this one of a kind performance.

8. The View

There are beautiful mountain views all around the stadium and from near the top of you can see part of the strip. Make sure to take in the gorgeous views from Sam Boyd Stadium when attending a UNLV game.

9. Free Lots

One of the great things about attending a UNLV game is the fact they have free lots to the south of Sam Boyd Stadium. These unpaved lots provide a nice spot if you’re looking to do a little tailgating on the cheap.

10. Gambling

The Rebels are one of the few teams in college football that you can place a bet on inside the city they play in on game day. If you don’t have a dog in the fight on Rebel game day head on down to the casino and place a bet to make your visit to Sam Boyd Stadium all the more impressive.

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