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Mackay Stadium is a set of four metal bleachers, which play a significant role in making a trip to Reno a difficult place for opponents to play. The fans here love to use the bleachers to make a raucous and support their team, as you’ll find all throughout the game the student section is jumping up and down on the bleachers.

It’s not just the bleachers that contribute to the loud and uproarious atmosphere found at a Wolf Pack football game. The fans chants and cheers also come in loud and strong with the Blue Crew, in particular, showcasing the strong fan support of the Nevada faithful. These students know how to get behind their Wolf Pack and how to get in the heads of opposing players.

It’s not just the fans or action on the field that make attending a Nevada Wolf Pack game a great game day experience, but the scenery as well. The Sierra Nevada Mountains surround the stadium creating a gorgeous view that you’ll struggle to take your eyes off of to pay attention to the game. If you’re lucky enough to attend a night game, you can even see some of the lights and displays from the casinos that are just down the road. The incredible view here really adds to the atmosphere of attending a Wolf Pack football game.

The excellent fan support and beautiful surroundings of Mackay Stadium make a trip to Reno well worth your time, so head out to Nevada for a game next time you get a chance.

Things to check out

Wolf Pack Statue

When at Mackay Stadium stop by and snap a picture with this incredible statue. The statue shows off the school’s Wolf Pack pride and is a must see when visiting Mackay Stadium.

Party Box

The Party Boxes at Mackay Stadium allow you to experience the game in style along with 23 of your closest friends. Along with the Party Box, you’ll receive free food and a full bar making it well worth your while if you’re looking to make a party out of your Wolf Pack game day experience.

Pride of Sierra

The Pride of Sierra Marching Band knows how to pump up the crowd. All throughout the game you’ll hear a variety of tunes that let everyone know to get loud and support the Wolf Pack.

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Alphie and Wolfie Jr.

Alphie and Wolfie Jr. are the Nevada mascots. These costumed wolves roam around during the game entertaining and pumping up the crowd. Keep your eyes peeled for Alphie and Wolfie Jr. during the game.

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Fight Songs

  1. N-E-V-A-D-A! Chant




  2. That’s a Wolfpack...FIRST DOWN!

    That’s a Wolfpack…

  3. Kickoff Chant

    Before kickoff all of the Wolf Pack fans chant Battle Readyyyyyy! and then once the kicker kicks the ball everyone yells BOOM!

    Battle Readyyyyyy!

  4. Fight Song

    HAIL to our sturdy team, loyal and true, MARCH, march on down the field oh Silver and Blue!
    We’ll give a long cheer for NEVADA’s team,
    See them break through again, Fighting for our own U of N to victory.  HAIL to our sturdy team, loyal and true,
    MARCH, march on down the field oh Silver and Blue!
    HAIL to our sturdy team, loyal and true,
    MARCH, march on down the field oh Silver and Blue!  (CHANT)
    N – E – V – A – D – A NEVADA!

  5. Alma Mater

    Where the Truckee’s snowfed waters,
    Drop from mountain’s crest,
    And the meadows meet the sagebrush,  by the sun caressed.  Cradled by the silver mountains,
    ‘Neath the western blue,
    Stands our noble Alma Mater,
    Our Nevada U.
    As the miner, on the desert,
    Prospects ev’ry place,  So Nevada seeks the future
    With an upturned face.
    Ev’rywhere she gathers knowledge,  All that’s good and true,
    Gives she to her sons and daughters,
    Of Nevada U.
    We will ever live to serve her,
    Live to give our best, Live to make our Alma Mater
    Pride of all the West. Let her praises wake the echoes,
    While we pledge anew,  Hearts and minds and hands and voices
    To Nevada U.

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