When it comes to tailgate options, Nevada’s got you covered. You’ll find a wide variety of tailgate options at Nevada, which means you’ll be able to have a great pregame experience regardless of your budget. Here at Nevada, you’ll find everything from free tailgate lots to expensive tailgate packages that can run a hefty price.

One of the more exciting tailgating packages at Nevada is the Mackay Stadium Party Patio, which allows you tailgate throughout the game. Perfect for those of you hate having to leave the tailgate to enter the game. The Party Patio is a one of a kind treat that tailgate lovers everywhere would like to have at their home stadium.

The Wolf Pack are the only game in town, which means fans are sure to come out for Wolf Pack games and tailgate regardless of the weather or the temperature. You’ll see fans outside Mackay Stadium four hours before kickoff firing up the grills and guzzling a few beers all throughout the fall in Reno.

School pride is also very high at Nevada games. You’ll find the band and pep squads all around the tailgate pumping up the fans as everyone gets ready for another Wolf Pack Gameday. The strong school spirit and fun relaxed atmosphere make Reno a great place to take in a football game in the fall.


Legacy Hall

The home to the Nevada athletics department also houses the Wolf Pack Hall of Fame and Champions exhibit. Here you’ll find tributes to some of the best athletes in Wolf Pack history, so when in town make sure to take the time and stop by.

Mackay Stadium Party Patio

The Party Patio provides you with a space inside the stadium where you can tailgate from two hours before the game until it finishes. The package includes food, drinks, and of course tickets to the game. These patios can hold 25 to 200 people and are perfect for those who want to tailgate all throughout the game.

Pack Party Tailgate Packages

Regardless of your tailgate needs the University of Nevada has you covered with a bevy of tailgate package choices. These packages include ample tailgating necessities including parking spaces, tables, chairs, and much more.

Where to tailgate

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