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UNH is home to one of the best college game days in New England making a trip to Durham a must for college football fans in the Northeast. While UNH may not be the first name that comes to mind when thinking about college football, it is home to an incredible game day atmosphere that can go toe to toe with larger schools in the area. Fans, alumni, and students come out in full force to support the Wildcats on game days creating a memorable experience for everyone in attendance.

The Wildcats recent success on the field is a big part of why the stands at Wildcat Stadium are packed on game days, meaning you’ll be in for a good game when heading out to Durham, New Hampshire. The Wildcats typically finish near the top of the Colonial Athletic Association and in 2014 finished third in the country.

In addition to great fan support and a good team, UNH also boasts a great band, cheer and dance squads, and mascots. The band puts on an excellent show, and you won’t want to miss any of the spirit groups performances throughout the game.

Finally, the Field House is home to several tributes to past Wildcats teams. The Field House is home to pictures of every varsity team in Wildcats history as well as the UNH Hall of Fame. Make sure to check out both the team pictures and UNH Hall of Fame on your way into the stadium through the Field House.

UNH is home to everything you need for a great college football game day including die hard fans, a good team, and wonderful spirit groups, so start planning your trip to Wildcat Stadium today.

Things to check out

Team Pictures

If you enter Wildcat Stadium through the Field House make sure to take the opportunity to see the team picture for every varsity team in UNH athletics history. It’s interesting to see all of the UNH athletes and teams of the past, so stop by and check it out.

UNH Hall of Fame

The UNH Hall of Fame is located in the Field House and is a must-see for any Wildcats fan. The Hall of Fame celebrates the accomplishments of the best athletes and teams in Wildcats history including Wildcats football and hockey teams.

Wildcat Marching Band

Enjoy the performance of the Wildcat Marching Band throughout the game. The band’s pregame and halftime performances are a can’t miss part of the game, and they also provide an excellent atmosphere during the game as well.

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Join in the cheers and chants lead by the cheerleaders to help aid the Wildcats in their quest for victory. The cheerleaders put on a great show and keep the crowd pumped up throughout the game, making them an essential part of any UNH football game.

Wild E. Cat and Gnarlz

UNH’s beloved mascots Wilde E. Cat and Gnarlz will entertain you throughout the game. They get into all kinds of shenanigans, so you never know what you’ll see them do next.

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UNH Dance Team

The UNH Dance team will dazzle you with their routines throughout the game. Don’t leave your seat when the dance team takes the field as you wouldn’t want to miss these talented performers.

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Fight Songs

  1. On to Victory

    On to victory,
    our team will fight and, do or die,
    old New Hampshire’s here,
    we’ll raise our banners high.
    For alma mater dear,
    New Hampshire, fight with all your might!
    On to victory,
    forever blue and white!

  2. New Hampshire Hymn

    Fair stands she, all glorious,
    New Hampshire, strong and free.
    Hail to thee victorious!
    New Hampshire, dear to me;
    When years bring shadows,
    Dark’ning life’s sea,
    Then, radiant, all glorious,
    New Hampshire, thou shalt be.

  3. New Hampshire Colors

    We’ll take our stand for New Hampshire
    Loyal to colors true
    White from ever lasting hill
    and from the ocean blue
    Wherever college men gather
    long her worth we’ll tell
    All your sons and your daughters stand to
    Sing your praises Alma Mater Hail.

  4. UNH Cheer

    [drums] Go!
    [drums] Go! Go, Cats! Go, Cats! Go, Cats! Go!
    [chords] U!
    [chords] N!
    [chords] H!
    Let’s go Cats!
    U-N-H! [drums]
    U-N-H! [drums]
    U-N-H! [drums]
    U-N-H! [drums]

  5. New Hampshire Alma Mater

    New Hampshire, alma mater,
    all hail, all hail to thee!
    Behind thee tow’r the mountains,
    before thee roars the sea.
    Thy sons and daughters ever
    thy praises loud will sing.
    New Hampshire, alma mater,
    accept our offering.

    We love thee, old New Hampshire,
    and to the white and blue,
    where’er our work shall call us,
    we always will be true.
    We’ll ever guard thy honor,
    bright shall thy mem’ry be.
    New Hampshire, alma mater,
    all hail, all hail to thee!

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