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Located at 5,100 feet above sea level, University Stadium is one of the highest venues in the nation. There is even a warning as opposing teams enter the football field that warns them of acute altitude sickness, which is a nice way to intimidate the opposition as they take the field. It’s not every day you can say that you attended a football game at almost a mile above sea level.

You’ll also find that University Stadium provides a beautiful scenic view of the Sandia Mountains to those sitting on the east side of the stadium. The gorgeous view is worth the price of admission alone and makes you feel like you’re taking in a one of a kind spectacle.

The fans at New Mexico also provide an excellent atmosphere, as the Red Menace are some of the most die-hard fans in all of the college football. While basketball may be the sports New Mexico is best known for the Lobos faithful still show plenty of pride when it comes to cheering on their Lobos football team.

The beauty of the Sandia Mountains and the Red Menace create an outstanding game day experience that any college football fan would love.

Things to check out

Tow Diehm Tower

The tower is home to the University of New Mexico athletic facility and is part of University Stadium. Stop by before the game to see where the Lobos prepare for game day and to get into the New Mexico spirit.

Field Level Suites and End Zone Club

The End Zone Club provides a perfect place to take in a New Mexico football game. The club features a buffet and full bar as well as padded seats so that you can take in the game in luxury and comfort. It even offers an outdoor balcony giving you a unique indoor and outdoor game day experience.

Red Menace

Known as the Red Menace, the student section is located in the north end zone and creates a hostile environment each game. These are the most die hard fans in the stadium, so if you’re looking to cheer hard for Lobos then join the Red Menace.

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Lobo Leap

Lobo players mimic the Lambeau Leap by a leaping into the Red Menace after they score. This great tradition gets the crowd pumped and is an excellent way for the players to show their appreciation for the fans.

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Spirit Marching Band

The Spirit Marching Band puts on a great halftime show and pumps up the crowd throughout the game. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the Spirit Marching Band when attending a Lobos football game.

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Fight Songs

  1. Hail, New Mexico

    Hail to thee, New Mexico,
    Thy loyal sons are we.  Marching down the field we go,
    Fighting for thee. RAH! RAH! RAH! Now we pledge our faith to thee,
    Never shall we fail. Fighting ever, yielding never.

  2. Lobo Fanfare

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