UNC’s campus nestled among the pines offers a picturesque tailgating location that is sure to be on the list of places to tailgate for any true tailgate lover. The fans here love to show their support for the team as you’ll see plenty of cars sporting Tar Heel’s flags on your way to the stadium. If you’re looking to get into the Tar Heel spirit check out the Old Well Walk for a chance to get up close to UNC players and coaches.

Food also plays a big part in a Tar Heels tailgate as there are plenty of wares on display on game days here. Some of the most popular items are the Carolina burger and of course barbecue. The Carolina burger is a delicious burger topped with chili and cole slaw, which is sure to make your mouth water just thinking about it. Tar Heels fans put out quite the spread, so make sure to bring your appetite to a UNC tailgate.


Old Well Walk

Every game since 2001 the Old Well Walk has allowed fans the opportunity to cheer on their Tar Heels before they take the field. Before each game, the team is dropped off at the Old Well in the center of the campus and then walks through Tar Heel Town towards the stadium. This is a must see for any die-hard Tar Heels fans out there.

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Tar Heel Town

Tar Heel Town is a great place to hit up before the game. It offers a variety of interactive games and activities including the bell tower climb and autograph signings. If you’re looking for things to do before the game starts, look no further than Tar Heel Town, which is located on the quad.

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Where to tailgate

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