1. The Tar Pit

The Tar Pit is the official UNC student section, which remains loud and rambunctious throughout the game regardless of the score. The section really helps to create the great atmosphere that can be found at a UNC football game and also helps spur on their team to victory. If you are looking to sit alongside the wildest and craziest fans at a Tar Heels games make sure to sit here.

2. Marching Tar Heels

The Marching Tar Heels play throughout the game in hopes they will give the team that little extra push needed to lift them to victory. The band puts on quite the halftime show as they line up in the “Carolina” formation before playing their first song. Be sure to sing along to “Sweet Caroline”, which is traditionally played at every game.

3. Old Well Walk

Every game since 2001 the Old Well Walk has allowed fans the opportunity to cheer on their Tar Heels before they take the field. Before each game, the team is dropped off at the Old Well in the center of the campus and then walks trough Tar Heel Town towards the stadium. This is a must see for any die-hard Tar Heels fans out there.

4. Franklin Street

Franklin Street is the spot to be on a Tar Heels game day. Here you’ll find bars and restaurants packed full of fellow Tar Heels fans. Franklin Street is a must if you want to get the most out of your UNC game day experience.

5. The Tarp

The tunnel that leads the Tar Heels onto the field is located in the student section, so before the team takes the field, the students drum on the tarp covering the tunnel. As it gets closer to kickoff, the students begin to drum quicker and quicker until the team takes the field. If you want to take part in this tradition, make sure to get tickets in the student section as you’ll surely have an amazing experience sitting there.

6. Tar Heel Town

Tar Heel Town is a great place to hit up before the game. It offers a variety of interactive games and activities including the bell tower climb and autograph signings. If you’re looking for things to do before the game starts, look no further than Tar Heel Town, which is located on the quad.

7. Going Into the Fourth Quarter

Between the third and fourth quarter, Tar Heels fans hold up four fingers and make a motion similar to the Tomahawk chop. This action coupled with the music and scoreboard video get everyone pumped and ready to cheer on the Heels through the final quarter.

8. Rameses the Ram

Rameses the Ram has been the Tar Heels mascot since 1924. The mascot was chosen due to the team’s star fullback in 1922 Jack Merritt being nicknamed the “Battering Ram.” Rameses has stuck around ever since and has spawned two versions of the mascot a live ram and an anthropomorphic ram that is part of the cheer squad. Look for both Ramesses on the sidelines of a UNC game.

9. The Location

Kenan Stadium is one of the most picturesque venues in college football as it is nestled between the pine trees that surround the UNC at Chapel Hill campus. These pines create a beautiful one of a kind view that cannot be found anywhere else. In fact, the stadium is so scenic that it makes Mel Kiper’s big board as the third most beautiful stadium in college football.

10. Charlie Justice Hall of Honor

The Hall of Honor is a perfect place for any Tar Heel fan to check out before or after the game. Here you’ll be able to take a look at the history of Carolina football throughout the years. Be sure to stop in at the Charlie Justice Hall of Honor for a chance to relive the greatest moments in Tar Heels history.

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