1. Green Machine

The green 1929 Ford Model A can be seen at all Mean Green home games. It’s driven by the Talons Cannon Crew and is quite the sight to see, so keep your eyes peeled for it when attending a Mean Green game.

2. Boomer

Boomer is the name of the victory cannon at North Texas and is fired after every Mean Green score as well as before the start of each half. The tradition dates back to 1970 and is a great way to fire up the crowd, so make sure to look out for Boomer.

3 .Tailgating on the Hill

The Hill is a popular pregame gather spot among the Mean Green faithful. Atop The Hill, on game days you’ll find tents, grills, and coolers galore. The fans here love to tailgate, which you’ll notice the minute you near The Hill as the smell of delicious grilled meats overcome your senses. If you’re looking to tailgate with the best, the Mean Green have to offer then be sure to stop by The Hill.


4. Eagle Claw

The eagle claw shows off to everyone who you cheer for, so don’t be shy to flash the eagle claw and show off your Mean Green pride. To take part in this time-honored tradition, all you need to do is make a V with your index and middle finger, extend your thumb, and curl your fingers. Once you master it, you’ll be making friends with fellow Mean Green fans in no time.

5. Scrappy

Scrappy is the official mascot of the North Texas Mean Green and can be seen at all home football games. His origin dates back to 1971 although he was not official known as Scrappy until 1995. During games keep your eyes peeled for him on the sideline where you’ll spot him entertaining and energizing fans throughout the game.

6. "Spirki" The Geezle Eagle

Located in the south end zone, the bronze eagle statue plays a significant role in the Mean Green introduction. When the Mean Green take the field, each player touches the five-foot tall sculpture as he enters. Make sure to get to your seat early to take in this great tradition.

7. Murals

Throughout the concourse, you’ll find a slew of murals depicting some of the greatest players, coaches, and moments in Mean Green history. Stop by and check these out to remember some of the all-time Mean Green greats including Steelers legend Mean Joe Greene.

8. Lighting the Tower

After every Mean Green victory clock tower of the McConnell, Admissions Building is lit green to let everyone know the football team was victorious. If on-campus after a victory, look out for this excellent tradition.

9. Green Out

The school’s nickname is the Mean Green, so don’t be surprised if a green out is in effect when attending a game. During green outs, all the fans show up in green to give the team an extra edge. Green shows off your fan support for the Mean Green and does a great job of pumping up the team, so make sure to wear green to the next North Texas game you attend.

10. Safeway Bowl

The North Texas Mean Green and the SMU Mustangs meet in the Safeway Bowl to decide which of these Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex based schools will walk away with bragging rights. The rivalry gets its unique name from former UNT coach Matt Simon’s quote, “I’d like to play because I think we could beat them, and my players feel the same way. If they’d like to play in a Safeway parking lot … just give us a date and time.” The two schools are scheduled to play each season from 2014 to 2025, so make your way to North Texas for these fierce rivalry games.

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