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UNI fans are some of the most passionate fans in the FCS making a trip to Cedar Falls, Iowa a must for any college football fan. You’ll witness the incredible fan support before the game even starts as everyone in attendance is in their seat before kickoff ready to cheer on the Panthers. You also won’t want to miss your opportunity to take part in UNI’s famous interlude dance, so come prepared to get down during your visit to UNI.

The fans aren’t the only thing that makes attending a UNI game a fantastic experience. The band and spirit groups put on quite the show. The marching band keeps the crowd engaged with their tunes, and the cheerleaders will get everyone on their feet at key times throughout the game.

The football at UNI is pretty good too. The Panthers are one of the most successful teams in the Missouri Valley Football Conference, having won 33 conference championships and producing great players like Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner. UNI is typically near the top of conference meaning just about every Panthers game has playoff implications.

There are few better places to take in an FCS football game than the UNI-Dome, so start planning your trip to Cedar Falls today.

Things to check out

Athletic Hall of Fame

The UNI Athletic Hall of Fame between the McLeod Center and the UNI-Dome is a must-see for any college sports fan. The Hall of Fame contains a slew of trophies won by the Panthers over the years including an ESPY Award won by the school in 2010 for “Best Upset.” Take some time before the game to see the Hall of Fame and all it has to offer.

Student Section

The student section at a UNI football game is phenomenal as it's packed to the gills with die hard fans. UNI students go all out to support their team, and they even started the famous Interlude Dance back in 2011. Enjoy the atmosphere provided by the UNI students during your trip to Cedar Rapids.

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Panther Marching Band

The students aren’t the only ones who make lots of noise at Panthers games. The Panthers Marching Band also puts on an incredible display that you won’t soon forget. Whether you like traditional school songs or modern pop songs, you’ll enjoy the marching band’s performance at a UNI game.

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The UNI cheerleaders cheers and routines are a big part of any Panthers football game, so join in the cheers to show off your UNI pride. Stay in your seat when the cheerleaders take the field as you won’t want to miss these talented performers.

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TC and TK

If you see either of the Panthers mascots around the stadium, make sure to give them a high five. TC and TK get into all kinds of antics during the game and are a must-see for anyone in attendance.

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Fight Songs

  1. UNI Fight Song

    Hail our Panthers we are ever loyal,
    Showing strength and unity.
    As we rise we firmly stand behind you,
    Urge you onto victory!
    RAH! RAH! RAH!

    As you lead us onto fame and honor,
    Will be our cry.
    So give us a yell (ho!)
    the Purple and the Gold,
    Victory for UNI!
    U-N-I Fight!
    U-N-I Fight!

  2. UNI Alma Mater

    UNI O Alma Mater
    Hear our voices now in song;
    Hail to thee, O state of plenty,
    Thou has raised it proud and strong.

    True in spirit, strong in knowledge
    UNI, we sing in homage.
    Hail to thee, O Alma Mater
    Our tomorrows shall be thine.
    From the hallowed halls of learning,
    Rising from the fertile land;
    Guide to fame thy sons and daughters,
    In the pattern on thy hand.

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