1. Gold Helmets

Notre Dame’s helmets contain 23.9 karat gold causing them to shiny and a standout on the field. The helmets used to be painted by the students, however, that tradition has changed recently as now Hydro Graphics, INC provides the painting. The sight of the gold helmets on the field at Notre Dame Stadium is something to behold, so take it in when you get the chance visit Notre Dame Stadium.

2. Team Mass and Walk

The Irish used to attend Mass at Sacred Heart Basilica before walking to the stadium. However, the tradition has changed a bit as the team now attends Mass on Friday. If you want to catch the Irish before the game, you still can as they now walk to the stadium from The Gug. Get to the game early if you want a chance to catch a glimpse of the Irish before they take the field.

3. Lou Holtz and Knute Rockne Statues

These statues of this former Notre Dame head coaches give Notre Dame fans an excellent opportunity to relive their former glory. If you’re a big Fighting Irish fan, these statues are a must see.

4. "Touchdown Jesus"

One of the most famous features of Notre Dame Stadium is “Touchdown Jesus.” This mural on the Hesburgh Library entitled The World of Life overlooks the stadium from the north. The mural gets its nickname from the fact that it features Jesus with his arms raised in a position similar to the arms of a referee when a touchdown is signaled.

5. Fighting Irish Marching Band

The Band of the Fighting Irish has the distinctions of being the oldest college marching band as well as one of the best.  The band plays the team’s fight song and “America the Beautiful” before every game, so make sure to get to your seat early if you want to see all the action.

6. The Leprechaun

The Leprechaun leads the Irish onto the field every game and leads the student section cheers. Look to The Leprechaun if you want to know what cheer is about to happen next.  

7. Sellout Streak

Notre Dame fans have an impressive sellout streak as the stadium has been at full capacity since 1973. Even more impressively the streak would be just under a decade longer if a game in 1966 had not been rescheduled for Thanksgiving break when the students were gone. The sellout crowds at Notre Dame provide an excellent atmosphere, so make sure to be a part of it yourself.

8. Senior Seating

Most student sections around the nation are first come first served, however at Notre Dame the longer you’ve been a student, the better your seat. Students start out their freshman year sitting in the end zone and by the senior year are sitting on the 35-yard line. Notre Dame’s seating regulations are an excellent way to reward loyal fans over the years.

9. Saluting the Crowd

After every game, the Notre Dame players gather in the end zone near the student section and salute the crowd as everyone sings the alma mater “Notre Dame, Our Mother.” Make sure to stick around after the game and sing the alma mater to get the full Notre Dame game day experience.

10. 1812 Overture

The Band plays the finale to the 1812 Overture between the third and fourth quarter as the fans wave their arms and make their fingers into the shape of a K for Irish coach Brian Kelly. This tradition is a great way to show off your Irish pride and show appreciation for coach Kelly.

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