1. The Sound of Idaho Marching Band

The band performs all throughout game day with performances before and during the game. While the band can be seen at the tailgate, their premier performances are during the pre-game and halftime shows. The Sound of Idaho Marching Band puts on an outstanding halftime show that any big time college football fan would appreciate, so make sure to enjoy the show during your trip to Moscow.

2. Arched Roof

The Kibbie Dome’s arched roof made entirely of wood is one of a kind and something you won’t find at any other college football stadium. The award-winning roof is something to behold and a big part of what makes the Kibbie Dome such a one of a kind venue.

3. Joe Vandal

The Idaho mascot Joe Vandal can be found on the sidelines of every Idaho home game. The mascot has been entertaining the crowd since the late ‘50s, so keep your eyes peeled for him when attending a Vandals game.

4. Hanging Goal Posts

Another unique aspect of the Kibbie Dome is the fact the goal posts hang from the wall of the building. Most goal posts attach to the ground, so make sure to take note of this unique quirk of the Kibbie Dome when taking in a game.

5. Tailgating Community

At Idaho, there is a strong sense of community between the fans, who despite the Vandals lack of recent success still come out in strong numbers to support their team. Everyone you’ll meet is very friendly and would be more than happy to have a few drinks with you as long as you bring something to share. The strong family-like bonds between Vandals fans go a long way towards making tailgating at Idaho a special experience.

6. Governor's Trophy

Idaho and Boise State are the two biggest football programs in the state of Idaho and as a result, there is a strong rivalry between these two schools. The rivalry began in 1971 when the Broncos took down the Vandals 42-14. Since then the rivalry has seen a series of winning streaks including a 12 game streak for the Vandals from 1982 to 1993.

7. Spirit Squad

At Vandals games, the cheer team, dance team, and mascot play a major role in energizing the crowd and getting everyone on their feet to cheer on the Vandals. Their efforts go a long way in creating a spirited environment at Idaho games, which go a long way in providing the excellent game day experience you’ll find in the Kibbie Dome.

8. Idaho Fan Zone

The Idaho Fan Zone opens three hours before kickoff and provides a wide array of pre-game activities that are perfect for football fans. Here you’ll be able to find live music, food, and plenty to drink, so stop by before entering the Kibbie Dome.

9. Championship and Retired Number Banners

Hanging from the rafters of the Kibbie Dome you’ll find a slew of banners honor all-time great Vandals in a variety of sports. These banners are a must see for Vandals fans, so keep your eyes peeled for them when attending a game in the Kibbie Dome.

10. Battle of the Palouse

Washington State University and the University of Idaho are less than eight miles apart, which has led to the creation of a strong rivalry between these two schools. The rivalry spans over multiple sports with football being the most prominent. The Cougars lead the all-time series 71-61-3 and will have an eight-game winning streak, but the Vandals will look to put an end to that streak when these two teams meet in 2016.

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