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Peden Stadium provides an intimate and historic atmosphere, which has caused it to be viewed by many as the “Wrigley Field” of college football. You’ll find that the atmosphere at Peden Stadium is so intimate that if you’re sitting in the first few rows, you’ll even be able to hear the communication between players and coaches on the sidelines.

It’s not just the intimate atmosphere that makes attending a Bobcats game a special event. Ohio is known as one of the top party schools in the nation, and this fuels the crowd before, during, and after the game. The students start pregaming early in the morning before heading out to the game and bringing enthusiasm with them in bundles.

The fans and students at Ohio engage in a variety of chants with the most commonly heard being the OU-OHHH YEAHHH chant. You can hear this chant before the game, after significant offensive plays, and after the fight song when the Bobcats score meaning you’ll pick it up quickly so you can take part in the fun. If you want to fit in with the rest of the crowd make sure to wear green since you’ll find fans are decked from head to toe in green and white for game day, it almost looks like a St. Patrick’s day celebration.


Things to check out

Bobcat Statue

At the North Entrance of the Stadium is a life-size bronze statue of an actual Ohio Bobcat. It’s an Ohio tradition to gently rub this statute to bring the team good luck when you walk past. Make sure to stop by the statue and rub its paw to give the Bobcats some extra luck before the game.

Peden Tower

Peden Tower is home to all of the Ohio University football operations, so if you get the chance make sure to take a peek to see where all the magic happens behind the scenes at an Ohio Bobcats football game.

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Rufus the Bobcat

The fierce mascot roams the sideline during games looking to rile up the fans and inspire school spirit. Rufus works hard to keep the crowd pumped up and entertained on game days, so keep your eyes peeled for him during stoppages in play or when you need an extra boost in cheering on the Bobcats.

The Ohio University Marching 110

The Marching 110 are a key feature of every Ohio game day that you won’t want to miss. The band starts early in the morning at the tailgate leading the fans to the stadium and continues pound on the drums and blast the horns throughout the game. The band plays loud and proud for every Bobcat first down and before opponents third downs, as the fans rise to intimidate the opposing offense.

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Victory Hill

The open hill on the south end of the stadium is home to the Ohio student section and is among the best in the MAC. The students form a sea of green in the stand and are among the noisiest student sections in the conference drawing many opponent offsides.

Fight Songs

  1. Ohio University Fight Song

    Stand up and cheer
    Cheer loud and long for old OHIO
    For today we raise
    The Green and White above the rest
    Our team is fighting,
    And we are bound to win the fray
    We’ve got the team,
    We’ve got the steam,
    For this is old OHIO’s day!
    Rah! Rah! Rah!

  2. Alma Mater

    When e’er we take our book of mem’ries
    And scan its pages through and through We’ll find no days that glow so brightly
    As those we spent at old O.U.
    Within our Alma Mater’s portals
    We meet her children hand to hand
    And when there comes the day of parting, Still firm and loyal we will stand
    CHORUS (2 verses)
    Alma Mater, Ohio, Alma Mater, brave and fair!
    Alma Mater, we hail thee,
    For we own thy kindly care.
    Alma Mater, Ohio,
    When we read thy story o’er,
    We revere thee and cheer thee
    As we sing thy praise once more.
    Our Alma Mater calls us ever,
    And love of country has its claim,
    The one but makes us prize the other,
    And thus we cherish both the same.
    When Alma Mater sends us forward,
    And in her name we stand in line,
    Then we will serve the nation better,
    For having gathered at her shrine.  

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