Panther fans have a lot of pride in their team, but they are also very welcoming and friendly. If you’re a visiting fan you may receive a bit of light heckling, but nothing more intense than some good natured ribbing. If you like a fun relaxed tailgating atmosphere come on out to a Pitt Panthers game and don’t forget to bring some Yuengling.

The Panthers Prowl offers fans the chance to rub shoulders with the team before the match. This walk is accompanied by the band playing the Pitt fight song outside Heinz Field as the team makes it way to the locker room. The Prowl takes place before kickoff and culminates at Heinz Field Gate A, so make sure to get to the stadium early if you want to give the Panthers some last minute inspiration.

You’ll have an excellent time throwing back some brews and celebrating a Panthers gameday at a Pitt tailgate.


Millennium Panther

Before every athletic event at the University of Pittsburgh fans rub the nose of the Millennium Panther statue to bring the team good luck. The Millennium Panther is located right outside the William Pitt Union, so make your way to the statute before the game to give the Panthers that extra bit of luck.

Panther Prowl

The Prowl is your chance to give the Panthers some last minute inspiration before they enter the stadium. During the walk the band and players parade into the stadium past hundreds of Pitt fans.

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Victory Lights

After every Panthers victory you can see the Cathedral of Learning lit up.

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Where to tailgate

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