1. Sweet Caroline

The Panthers like their NFL counterpart the Steelers traditionally sing “Sweet Caroline” between the third and fourth quarter of every game. All the Pitt fans know the song by heart, so come prepared to belt out the lyrics with the crowd when attending a game at Heinz Field.

2. Millennium Panther

Before every athletic event at the University of Pittsburgh fans rub the nose of the Millennium Panther statue to bring the team good luck. The Millennium Panther is located right outside the William Pitt Union, so make your way to the statute before the game to give the Panthers that extra bit of luck.

3. Official University Yell

Pitt is the only school with an official yell as part of the chorus in one of its fight songs. The yell is in the fight song Hail to Pitt and is a reference to W.A. Johnston’s Official University Yell. When attending a Pitt Panthers game bring your vocal chords as you’ll need them to take part in this unique game day tradition.

4. Panthers Prowl

The Panthers Prowl offers fans the chance to rub shoulders with the team before the game. This walk is accompanied by the band playing the Pitt fight song outside Heinz Field as the team makes it way to the locker room. The Prowl takes place before kickoff and culminates at Heinz Field Gate A, so make sure to get to the stadium early if you want to give the Panthers some last minute inspiration.

5. Hail to Pitt Flag

Each game 100 students are selected to carry the 50-yard-long Hail to Pitt Flag. The flag is displayed on the field during pre-game activities and is an excellent way to show off the pride and tradition of Pitt football. Keep your eyes peeled for the Hail to Pitt Flag when attending a Panthers football game.

6. Fan Tunnel

The Hail to Pitt Flag isn’t the only way students can get involved in the pre-game ceremony; they can also be a member of the group of students who create a tunnel that the team charges through as it takes the field. While this tradition was briefly lost in 1999, it was reinstated in 2008 to help lift the Panthers to victory.

7. Great Hall

The advantages to sharing Heinz Field with the Steelers is that fans can experience an NFL style gameday experience, while also getting the incredible atmosphere of a college football game. One way to get the NFL experience is to visit The FedEx Great Hall, which displays the rich history of one of the NFL’s greatest franchises. The Great Hall is a must see for any NFL fan regardless what team you support.

8. Rich History

Not only does Pitt have nine national championships with the last coming in 1976, but they have also produced some of the greatest players in NFL history. The Panthers most famous alumni is Dan Marino who held the record for most passing yards passes completed, and touchdown passes when he retired from the NFL in 1999. In addition to Marino all time greats such as Mike Ditka, Tony Dorsett, and Larry Fitzgerald all played their collegiate football at Pitt.

9. Ketchup Bottles

The scoreboard displays two ketchup bottles that spin and pour ketchup onto the board whenever the Panthers reach the red zone. As Pitt gets closer to the end zone, the scoreboard gets redder and redder until the Panthers punch the ball in for the score.

10. Heinz Field

Heinz Field is a great place to watch a football game regardless of if it’s a Steelers game or a Panthers game. The stadium has a great atmosphere as fans here will heckle you a bit, but still, maintain a friendly and fun game day environment. The location of the stadium also makes Heinz Field one of the best places to watch a football game as it is located right along the Ohio River and provides an excellent view of downtown Pittsburgh.

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