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A Rhode Island Rams game may not rival the intensity of a SEC championship game, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a lot of fun watching the Rams. The atmosphere at a Rams game is rather relaxed as for the most part people come out to enjoy the nice fall weather rather than cheer on the rams.

That said, you’ll still find plenty of passion among the fans. Rams fans love their team, and while they may not show the same level of intensity as fans of larger schools that doesn’t mean they aren’t as diehard as any other fanbase out there. The fans here love to talk ball and if you want to make friends with the people around you all you have to do is ask them about the team.

Rhode Island Rams games also feature a lot of pageantry. The Rams Militia in the end zone is a must-see part of the game as they fire a cannon after every Rams score. You also won’t help but enjoy the performance of the URI Rams Marching Band throughout the game, and kids will love Rhody the Ram and of his shenanigans.

A Rams game is a lot of fun for anyone looking to enjoy some college football in The Ocean State, so get your tickets to a URI game today.

Things to check out

Family Fun Zone

If you’re bringing the family to the game, then stop by the Family Fun Zone in the south end zone. The Family Fun Zone features music, games, and other family activities making it the perfect place to spend some time during the game.

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Ram Zone

Make sure to pick up a souvenir from your trip to Meade Stadium at the Ram Zone in the Ryan Center. Here you’ll find all kinds of Rhode Island merchandise including hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more.

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Rams Militia

The Rams Militia is made up of die-hard Rams fans who fire off a cannon following every Rhode Island score. Don’t miss the firing of the cannon as it’s one of the best parts of any Rams game.

URI Rams Marching Band

The URI Rams Marching Band puts on a fantastic show and provides an incredible atmosphere during the game. The band keeps spirits high with their tunes making them a key part of every game.

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Rhody the Ram

Rhody the Ram gets into all kinds of antics during the game and does a great job of riling up the crowd. Fans young and old love Rhody, so keep an eye out for him during the game.

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The cheerleaders will have you on your feet throughout the game. Join in their cheers and chants and help give the Rams an incredible home-field advantage.

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Fight Songs

  1. “URI Fight Song”

    We’re Rhode Island born and
    We’re Rhode Island bred and
    When we die we’ll be Rhode Island dead

    So go go Rhode Island, Island
    Go go Rhode Island, Island

    Go Rhode Island, U- R- I!


  2. “URI Alma Mater”

    All Hail to thee Rhode Island
    We pledge our faith anew
    While our heroes bring thee honor
    with our banner of white and blue.
    In truth we owe her much
    for she’s shown us the way
    to achieve and be of service to the world.
    So all hail our Alma Mater
    Rhode Island our guide whate’er we do.

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