When attending a Richmond Spiders game, make sure to get to Robins Stadium early and enjoy the tailgate before the game. Richmond fans love to tailgate and are allowed to tailgate all around campus creating a fun and festive game day feeling. The only downside though is that alcohol is only allowed in Lots B3 and B5, meaning if you want to drink before the game you’ll have to get a parking pass for one of these two lots.

In addition to Lots B3 and B5, Lot B7 is also a great place to tailgate if you’re a student. Richmond students fill the lot on Saturdays throughout the fall, and you’ll have a lot of fun tailgating with fellow students before the game.

Finally, don’t miss the Spider Walk before the game. The Spider Walk is a fantastic way to get into the Richmond game day spirit and allows you to get up close to your favorite Spiders players as they make their way to the stadium.

You’ll have a great time tailgating before a Richmond Spiders football game, so arrive early and make the most out of your trip to Robins Stadium.


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Spider Walk

Give the Spiders some last minute inspiration as they make their way to the stadium. The Spider Walk is a great way to get into the Richmond game day spirit and is a must-see part of any Spiders football game for Richmond fans.

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Where to tailgate

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