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South Alabama, while one of the youngest programs in college football is beginning to build a name for themselves and their fanbase. Jaguars fans are very hospitable and welcoming to everyone in their efforts to grow the fanbase. One way the program is looking to attract new fans is by offering tickets at affordable prices. Fans are also able to get in on the ground floor and know that they have been there since the beginning, which helps build a strong connection between the program and its fans.

The Jaguars are the main event in town meaning that fans are very loud and proud when it comes to showing off their South Alabama colors. No matter what the occasion Ladd-Peebles Stadium has a unique feel to as it is also is home to both the Bowl and the Senior Bowl. South Alabama’s program is still in its infancy, and as a result, has yet to establish a ton of chants, however, USA and Go Jags chants are prevalent throughout the game. Come on down to Mobile and join in the singing the South Alabama’s fight song “South” with your fellow Jaguars fans.

Things to check out

Jaguars Signage and Flags

All around Lloyd-Peebles Stadium you’ll find signs and flags showing off South Alabama’s school colors. They provide a nice touch to the stadium and go a long way in helping make Lloyd-Peebles Stadium feel like the home of the Jaguars.

South Alabama Marching Band Jazz-Rock and Funk Show

The South Alabama Marching Band puts on a one of a kind halftime show you won’t want to miss. The band is a big part of the pageantry at a USA football game, so don’t leave your seat as you wouldn’t want to miss this incredible band.

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Jaguar Mascot

Keep your eyes open for the Jaguars mascot when attending a USA football game. He does an admirable job of entertaining the crowd throughout the game, so don’t miss during your trip to Mobile.


Every season one senior is selected to wear the number 5 jersey in honor of former running back Anthony Mostella. The honor was created by head coach Joey Jones as a way to pay tribute to the late Mostella who was a popular player known for his good work ethic and leadership.

Fight Songs

  1. South!

    South! Alabama We’re the pride of the red, white, blue!
    Loyal, strong and faithful
    To our alma mater true!
    South! Alabama We will cheer you to win the day!
    For it’s J-A-G-U-A-R-S
    For U-S-A!

  2. Jaguar Pride

    We’re the mighty Jaguars
    Stand up and cheer,
    In our colors we take pride;
    On to vic’try lead us year after year We will stand here side by side. Through the years we’ve prov’n
    Our glory and fame.
    Honor be to the victor’s name,

  3. Alma Mater

    All hail great university,
    Our Alma Mater dear,
    South Alabama, red and blue, proud colors we revere.
    Nestled among the hills of pine, enduring throughout time, Upward and onward may your fame
    continue in its climb.
    It seems that we have just begun;  too soon we must depart
    In all that life has planned for us,  you’ll share within our hearts.
    So with thy blessings now send us,
    pray highest be our aim,
    South Alabama may we ever glorify your name!

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