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Raymond James Stadium provides an excellent spot to take in a football game whether it be a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game or a USF Bulls game. The stadium offers excellent sightlines and has a nice open field that allows for a gentle breeze.

At a USF Bulls game, you’ll also get the incredible opportunity to take in all the sights and sounds of a big-time college football game. The University of South Florida Herd of Thunder band puts on an outstanding performance that is worth the price of admission all on its own. All throughout the game they’ll enhance the atmosphere of a USF game by playing fan favorites such as “The Bull” as well as“Golden Brahman March.”

The USF fans also will ensure that you have an excellent time at a Bulls game. Despite not having the largest numbers the crowd here more than makes up for it with the passion they show for their Bulls. You’ll find that all throughout the game fans are standing and making noise to ensure their Bulls come out with the victory.

Things to check out

Pirate Ship

A unique aspect of Raymond James Stadium is the 103-foot, 43-ton steel and concrete replica pirate ship. No other stadium in all of the sports has one, so make sure to stop by and take a picture when attending a Bulls game.

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After every Bulls score, a cannon sound is made in celebration of the Bulls scoring. Listen for the cannon to energize the crowd and add to the festive atmosphere whenever USF scores.

Rocky the Bull

Rocky is the official mascot of the University of South Florida and can be seen on the sidelines throughout the game. Rocky pumps up the crowd with his antics and is a big part of a USF game, so keep your eyes peeled for him during games.

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University of South Florida Herd of Thunder

The 320 member band put on an outstanding display during Bulls games entertaining USF fans young and old. The pregame and halftime shows as well as the music played throughout the game, enhances the gameday atmosphere inside Raymond James Stadium and put a smile on Bulls fans faces as well.

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Fight Songs

  1. The Bull

    The Bull is played on key third downs in order to give the USF defense some added inspiration to make the stop. While performing this cheer Bulls fans wave their Bull hands in the air to really throw the opposition off of their game.

  2. Golden Brahman March

    USF Bulls are we,
    We hold our standard upright and free.
    For Green and Gold we stand united.
    Our beacon lighted and noble to see.
    USF Bulls are we,
    For USF we’ll always be.
    With all our might we fight the battle
    Here and now, and we will win the
    S-O-U-T-H F-L-O-R-I-D-A
    South Florida, South Florida
    Go Bulls Go!

  3. Alma Mater

    Hail to thee, our Alma mater
    May thy name be told,
    Where above thy gleaming splendor,
    Waves the green and gold
    Thou our guide in quest for knowledge Where we all are free University of South Florida
    Alma Mater, Hail to Thee!
    Be our guide in truth and wisdom
    As we onward go,
    May thy glory, fame and honor
    Never cease to grow May our thoughts and prayers
    Be with thee through eternity,
    University of South Florida
    Alma Mater, Hail to Thee!

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