South Florida may have a relatively new football program, but that doesn’t mean the fans don’t take tailgating seriously. Several groups of diehard tailgaters get together for every game and even put on public tailgates that anyone can join in on. Tailgating is alive and well at USF where you’ll have a great time hanging out with your buddies before watching the Bulls at Raymond James Stadium.

At a South Florida tailgate, you’ll find lots of camaraderie among fellow fans, and as long as you’re in Bulls gear or colors, everyone will be happy to talk football and share in on the tailgating festivities. The strong feeling of community and the relaxed atmosphere of a Bulls tailgate creates a very pleasant tailgating experience that will have you wanting to come back for more.

The parking lots at Raymond James Stadium fill up quickly on Bulls game days, so make sure to get here five hours early to get a good spot and make the most out of your tailgate experience.


Green Water Tower

After every Bulls victory, the water tower on campus is lit up in green light. Look out for this spectacle following a Bulls win.

Bulls Tailgating Association

The Bulls Tailgating Association’s motto is “party hard, cheer harder” so if you’re looking to join one of the most raucous tailgates at a USF game then look no further. You can join in the fun for as low as $2 if you don’t need to park, so come on down and join in on the festivities.

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Where to tailgate

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