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The atmosphere at a USC football game combines rabid fandom from the local die-hards and students with the weather and attitudes of an LA beach party. LA didn’t have an NFL team for over 20 years, and because of that, the local USC faithful claim that their team is LA’s true football team, to the disagreement of their rival UCLA Bruins. Due to the Trojans huge success under Pete Carroll from 2000-2009, their fan base grew to record heights, and that legacy has made a mark on a national level. While USC has had a few down years recently, their fans are still some of the most dedicated fans and still generate more of a buzz than UCLA. Get ready for unforgettable Southern California weather with some of the most dedicated fans in the country.  

You’ll also get to take part in some of the best traditions in all of college football when attending a USC game. You’ll see Traveler perform in person as well as be able to join in on the singing of USC’s fight song, “Fight On!” The fans here brim with passion and tradition making attending a USC game a once in a lifetime experience that should be on any football fan’s bucket list.

It’s not just the fans that make going to a USC game an incredible experience that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The stadium itself is one of the most historic stadiums in the country being one of the few if not only stadiums to have hosted the Super Bowl, the World Series, and the Olympics. The place is chalked full of history for you to check out when you make your visit. You’ll see plenty of artifacts and tributes to the great athletes that have competed at the stadium whether for on the gridiron for USC, on the diamond, or in the Olympics. The rabid fans along with the history of Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum make a USC game a can’t miss the experience that you’ll be talking to your friends about for years to come.

Things to check out

Olympic Cauldron

Also known as the Olympic Torch, it was built for the Coliseum when it hosted the Olympics in 1932 and 1984. It still stands today and is lit during the fourth quarter of USC football games and other special occasions.

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Court of Honor

The Court of Honor is a series of plaques that recognize the memorable events and athletes that have taken place at the Coliseum. It includes a full list of the 1932 and 1984 Olympic gold medalists. Stop by the Court of Honor to pay tribute to some of the greatest athletes to ever compete at the Coliseum.


Traveler is the name of the regal white horse that Tommy the Trojan will ride around during games. At the beginning of the game he and the Trojan come out to Conquest with the marching band. Traveler first made an appearance in 1961 and the current mascot is Traveler VII.

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"V" for Victory

The two-fingered salute created with the extended index and middle fingers is often displayed by Trojan fans to symbolize victory, but it has a much deeper historical significance. When ancient Trojans would defeat an opponent, they would cut the first two fingers of an enemy’s right hand so they couldn’t hold a sword. Then, to mock them, the Trojans would hold up their still-attached two fingers. Show off your Trojan pride by displaying this victory symbol as you cheer on USC.

Fight Songs

  1. Fight On

    The USC Fight Song is played after every touchdown and after crucial plays. The crowd will often give the ‘V for Victory’ hand salute as the song plays. If you would like to better learn the USC Fight Song both the video and lyrics, have been provided.

    Fight On for ol’ SC

    Our men Fight On to victory.

    Our Alma Mater dear,

    looks up to you

    Fight On and win

    For ol’ SC

    Fight On to victory

    Fight On!

  2. All Hail

    All hail to Alma Mater,

    To thy glory we sing;

    All hail to Southern California,

    Loud let thy praises ring;

    Where Western sky meets Western sea

    Our college stands in majesty.

    Sing our love to Alma Mater,

    Hail, all hail to thee.

  3. Conquest

    “Conquest” is played at the beginning of the games, and anytime Traveler runs around the field. A vital song for the USC faithful that gets the mascot and everyone else involved.

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