Tailgating at USC is a great experience you’ve got the beautiful Southern California weather, raucously drunk students looking to cheer on their school, die-hard fans that live throughout the city and congregate to watch the Trojans, and even the casual fans that want to catch a game at the legendary LA Coliseum. All you have to do to join in on the fun is deck yourself out in cardinal and gold and you’ll fit right in. As long as you’re in cardinal and gold, everyone will be super friendly as being a Trojan fans bands everyone at the tailgate together, however, if you are wearing opposition colors be a bit more careful as you will most likely experience some heckling.

The student tailgates at USC are raucous, as everyone gets up bright and early to cheer on the Trojans. Throughout campus, you’ll hear loud music and smell the delicious aromas of food being prepared. The quad is packed, and everyone is ready to put in their best effort toward propelling the Trojans to victory.

Tailgating at USC is a great way to spend the morning before kicking some flagpoles and make your way to the Coliseum to cheer on the Trojans.


Trousdale Walk

One of the best pregame traditions at USC is the Trousdale Walk. Before every home game, fans get a chance to see the USC Trojan marching band as they walk down Trousdale Parkway playing some famous SC tunes. It is a great transition to the game as listening to the marching band play the fight song will surely get you and your fellow fans into the game day mood. Tailgating at USC is a great way to spend the morning before kicking some flagpoles and make your way to the Coliseum to cheer on the Trojans.

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Kicking the Flagpoles

A beloved USC tradition, fans kick the USC flagpole at the end of Trousdale before entering the stadium for good luck. The loud noise of superstitious Trojans kicking the base of the pole can be heard continuously as fans pack into the Coliseum.

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Tommy Trojan Statue

A symbol of the University since 1930, life-sized bronze Tommy Trojan has been a favorite meeting spot for students and a traditional photo opportunity for fans. Its official name is the Trojan Shrine, and students now guard it every night before the USC-UCLA rivalry game because of UCLA’s reputation for vandalizing the statue. The university even goes so far as to wrap it in duct tape to protect it from being painted by UCLA students.

Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall opened at the heart of the USC campus in 1971 to house the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, but it has recently been renovated to include a museum. The $35 million project added a two-story museum to showcase the athletes, teams, and coaches that have contributed to the USC athletic program. The space also houses offices, a sports performance center, a broadcast studio, and an indoor golf driving range in addition to new locker rooms, meeting rooms, an equipment room, and event space.

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