The administration at Southern Miss wants tailgating to be a destination event, so hey have allowed for open tailgating all around campus. This means that you can tailgate just about wherever you please on campus as long as you are not disrupting or blocking traffic.  

With that being said, the tailgate at Southern Miss is one of a kind. Southern Miss fans have created a tailgating rivalry with their instate neighbors to show that you don’t have to be in a power conference to put on a great pre-game party. Many tailgaters drive in from hours away a  day before kickoff to set up a full gameday site including grills, TVs, and sometimes even come in RVs.  

One of the most popular foods found at a Southern Miss tailgate is boudin. This Cajun sausage is considered a delicacy by Southern Miss fans as well as a tailgate staple. These sausages consist of pork, pig’s blood, and a number of spices and are something everyone attending a Southern Miss game should try.
The university’s allowance of open tailgating isn’t the only thing they’ve done to build a strong tailgating culture at Southern Miss. The Eagle Walk is a time-honored pre-game tradition that not only allows fans to show off their Golden Eagles spirit, but also provides an excellent pre-game atmosphere.


Eagle Walk (Location)

Located under the East Rock, The Eagle Walk is a must see featuring a variety of banners and tributes honoring all-time great Golden Eagles players and moments. The Eagle Walk also plays a part in university traditions as every year incoming students paint and maintain it. Stop by to for a chance to take in one of the most special traditions at Southern Miss.

Friday Night at the Fountain

Friday nights the fountain at Shoemaker Square is home to a pep rally that gets the fans pumped for the next day's game. The band, cheerleaders, mascot, and many more take part in this great tradition, so get here a day early to partake in it yourself.

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The Little Rock

Stop by The Little Rock to see what message Golden Eagles fans have left for their opponents this week.

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The District

The District is the home to the most diehard tailgaters at Southern Miss and also where the majority of the tailgating action takes place. Here you’ll find a tailgating atmosphere that can go head to head with even the best tailgates in the SEC.

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Mugshot’s is a popular gameday spot in Hattiesburg that is home to one of the best traditions around, Mugshot’s Challenge. Mugshot’s Challenge consists of three patties, six strips of bacon, swiss, cheddar cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, so come hungry if you’re looking to take on this monstrosity.

Junior Eagles Fun Zone

You’ll find plenty of family and kids activities when attending a Southern Miss tailgate thanks to the Junior Eagle Fun Zone. Located at Pride Field, this area provides a variety of food and games for the entire family, so if you’re bringing little ones to the game make sure to stop by.

Where to tailgate

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