1. UTEP Athletics Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame housed in the Larry K Durham Sports Center offers fans an excellent opportunity to relive some of the greatest moments in Miners history. Here you’ll find tributes to all-time greats across a variety of sports, so make sure to stop by when attending a UTEP game.

2. Kidd Field

Kidd Field is located to the east of Sun Bowl Stadium and offers you the opportunity to tailgate in style. At Kidd Field you and your 50 closest friends can rent tailgate tents for every UTEP home game. Tent rentals include chairs, tables, and the option to reserve caterers. Kidd Field is also home to the Miner Athletic Club Tailgate, which features food, drinks, and special giveaways.

3. Play Area at Glory Field

If you like tossing the pigskin around before watching the game, then be sure to stop by Glory Field. Glory Field allows you to experience the FieldTurf Classic HD CoolPlay surface found in Sun Bowl Stadium for yourself and is a great place to spend a Saturday morning tossing the ball around with your buddies.

4. Battle of I-10

UTEP and New Mexico State are both located along Interstate 10, which connects El Paso to Las Cruces. The proximity of these two universities has led to the establishment of a fierce rivalry on the gridiron that dates back 101 years to 1914 when the Aggies shutout UTEP 19-0. UTEP has gotten the better of New Mexico State since then having racked up 56 wins in schools’ 93 meetings.

5. Paydirt Pete

UTEP’s prospector mascot Paydirt Pete can be found on the sidelines at every Miners home football game. He can be seen riling up the crowd and performing a variety of different antics throughout the game, so keep your eyes open for him especially during stoppages in play.

6. Sound of the Southwest Marching Miner Regiment

The UTEP band performs a wide variety of songs that get the fans up on their feet during the game. Their performances at halftime and before the game are awe-inspiring with their formation of a pick axe being among their most famous. Stay in your seat at halftime as you wouldn’t want to miss the band’s incredible performance.

7. Miner Alley

Located between the bookstore and the parking garage on Sun Bowl Drive, Miner Alley offers a perfect spot for fans and students to tailgate before heading into the game. On game days, the area is transformed into one of the main tailgating hubs, so make sure to stop by and get in the Miners game day spirit.

8. El Paso

One of the best traditions at UTEP is the singing of the 1959 Grammy winner “El Paso” by Marty Robbins. The song has been sped up and made more upbeat becoming a tradition as well as a fan favorite. The song gives the crowd unmatched energy and will give even the out of town fan goosebumps when it is sung, so keep your ears peeled for this UTEP tradition.

9. Beautiful Scenery

The beautiful scenery makes attending a game at UTEP a treat for all fans regardless of their affiliation. The stadium is placed right between two mountains providing you with a fantastic sunset view, and if you look to the southwest from the top, you can even see Juarez Mexico.

10. Texas Sized Fan Support

The entire town comes out for UTEP football games, as is tradition throughout the state of Texas where regardless of the level of play everyone has football fever. Every small town shuts down to support their local team, and El Paso is no exception. Local pride is instilled throughout the fan base, and you’ll find that these fans have an undying support for their Miners.

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