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H.A. Chapman Stadium is a beautiful outdoor facility on the University of Tulsa campus. The stadium provides you with a cozy atmosphere and great sight lines. You’ll find a small town feel when attending a Tulsa football game, as there is a great deal of camaraderie between the fans.

Inside H.A. Chapman Stadium you’ll find lots of pageantries. There are lots of traditions at Tulsa including “waving the flag,” a lively mascot, and exceptional marching band. The program also does an excellent job of paying tribute to great Golden Hurricanes of the past, as you’ll see banners all around the stadium honoring some of Tulsa’s all-time greats.

The crowd at Tulsa games consists of diehard Golden Hurricanes fans who are very friendly and easy to get along with. You’ll find that these fans love to tell you about the history of the team as there is a lot of passion among the fans here in Tulsa.

The knowledgeable fan base and traditions ensure that you’ll have an enjoyable time taking in a Tulsa Golden Hurricanes game at H.A. Chapman Stadium.

Things to check out


Lined along the concourse of the stadium are banners of former notable TU players. The images allow fans to look back at the history of Tulsa football, and it is cool to see some of the names that have attended the university.

Third Down Video

On every defensive third down, a video of one of the current TU players played encouraging fans to make some noise. The videos pump up the crowd at critical times and help provide a raucous game atmosphere.

Wave the Flag

All fans entering the stadium will receive a flag, and there will be times during the game when “Waving the flag” will be initiated. The entire stadium looks mesmerizing when everyone is waving their flag, so try and snag a video of this cool tradition if you get the chance.

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The Sound of the Golden Hurricane

The Sound provides an outstanding halftime show that pumps up the crowd and gets them ready to cheer on the Golden Hurricane to victory in the second half. The shows showcase a variety of current and classic music and are well worth the price of admission all on their own.

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Fight Songs

  1. Fight Song

    Down the Field to victory
    On Tulsa on.
    Fight on University, Battle on and on. March to the goal line, oh Tulsa,
    Score on mounting score.
    March to the goal line, oh Tulsa,
    Let the Hurricane roar.
    Drive those
    back and back,
    On Tulsa on!
    Gold, Blue, and Red, go right ahead,
    Down the field to victory!

  2. Alma Mater

    Hail to thee Alma Mater,
    Gold and Blue,
    Praise from thy sons and daughters,
    Old and new.
    Pride in our hearts,
    Our voices let us raise, Filled with devotion We will sing thy praise.
    Alma Mater, now we honor,
    Loyal, always true,
    We will lift our voice in chorus.
    Hail to Tulsa U!

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