Depending on where you’re from tailgating at Utah may seem a bit subdued compared to what you’re used to, but that doesn’t mean won’t still have a great time. Most importantly though Utah fans will be the first to inform you that their tailgates are way better than BYU tailgates and that’s all that matters to many. Grab a drink and fire up a grill as you’ll surely have a great time tailgating before a Utes game.

For what they may lack in wild drunken escapades, Utes fans make up for it in passion. Utes fans are incredibly passionate in the stadium, so it should be no surprise that the same passion carries over to their tailgates. The tailgates here often start the night before as people camp out to tailgate meaning that if you want to get the most out of your tailgating experience forget about getting to the game five or even six hours early since you can get there eight or even ten hours early. Come on down to a Utah tailgate to experience the best tailgate in the state and to see the outstanding passion Utes fans have for the game.


Ute Walk

Every game the team is led by the marching band from 500 South and Guardsman Way to the stadium. During the Ute Walk the team and staff are cheered on by fans, while the spirit team throws t-shirts to the crowd of fans. Get to the game early so you can witness this great tradition.

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Light the U

After every Utes victory the U engraved on the side of the mountain behind the university is lit up in celebration. Witness this fun tradition after watching the Utes take down the opposition.

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Olympic Claudron

Not many stadiums can boast that they held the opening and closing ceremonies for the Olympic games, and RES still has the cauldron to prove it. The large, spiraling structure is at the sound end of the stadium and is a unique feature to view up close.

Block "U"

A large, block letter U is located in the foothills near the stadium and is the official symbol of the University of Utah. Besides being a cool feature to look at during the day, the Block U lights up after a Ute victory. Look for the U to be lit up after attending a Utes game.

Where to tailgate

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