Tailgating at Virginia is not taken lightly. The best place to go for the student experience is The Lawn, which is located in the center of campus. There are also plenty of parking lots specifically designated for tailgating. Here you can watch the game with other UVA fans even if you don’t have tickets to the game, so long as you bring your television equipment.

Virginia fans are very accommodating and welcoming to visiting fans. The tailgates at UVA are very laid back compared to other schools, which have more of an all out party atmosphere making it a great place to take the family. The university promotes this laid back atmosphere through the Cavalier Countdown, which features plenty of food and live music.

Virginia presents a nice relaxing tailgating experience that you would expect from a traditional southern school. While the fans at Virginia may be more relaxed than other schools that doesn’t mean you won’t have a great time pregaming before a Cavaliers football game.


The Lawn

The Lawn is located at the center of the University of Virginia school grounds and is home to most of the student tailgates on game days. If you’re looking to let loose with other UVA students, then make your way over to The Lawn before the game.

Guys in Ties, Girls in Pearls

At Virginia, it is a tradition that the men dress in suits and ties to attend the game, while women wear sundresses and pearls. This tradition has waned in the last few years as fans have been urged by coaches to dress in more relaxed attire. Whether you follow traditional dress or feel more comfortable wearing a t-shirt taking in a game at Scott Stadium is a great experience.

Where to tailgate

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