1. The Adventures of Cavman

As part of the UVA pre-game ritual a video on the scoreboard displays the Cavalier fighting the opposing team’s mascot. The Cavalier wins the fight and then charges out on horseback to lead the team onto the field. The charge is accompanied by fireworks, which gets the fans pumped to cheer on UVA.

2. Scott Stadium

Scott Stadium is one of the oldest stadiums in college football as well as the oldest active stadium in Virginia making it a great place to take in a game. However, just because it’s old doesn’t mean Scott Stadium doesn’t offer all the amenities that one looks for at a big time college football stadium. Head on out to Scott Stadium for a great one of a kind game day experience.

3. ACC Football

Virginia is playing in the ACC and as such, they have a large, loyal, and rowdy fan base. Scott Stadium is rocking on game day as the Cavaliers take on some of the biggest named programs in the nation such as Miami, Florida State, and their archrivals Virginia Tech. A Virginia Cavaliers football game is a great place to see the college football stars of today and NFL stars of tomorrow.

4. UVA Tailgate

Tailgating at Virginia is not taken lightly. The best place to go for the student experience is The Lawn, which is located in the center of campus. There are also plenty of parking lots specifically designated for tailgating. Here you can watch the game with other UVA fans even if you don’t have tickets to the game, so long as you bring your television equipment.

5. The Wahooligans

The Wahooligans are a group of dedicated Cavaliers students who have their cheers and chants. Members wear matching scarves, which they wave in synchronization in support of the Cavs. If you’re looking to cheer with the most, die-hard UVA fans join the Wahooligans.

6. Guys in Ties, Girls in Pearls

At Virginia, it is a tradition that the men dress in suits and ties to attend the game, while women wear sundresses and pearls. This tradition has waned in the last few years as fans have been urged by coaches to dress in more relaxed attire. Whether you follow traditional dress or feel more comfortable wearing a t-shirt taking in a game at Scott Stadium is a great experience.

7. Hoos

Hoos is what UVA fans affectionately call the players and team. The legend is that the term originated from Washington & Lee baseball fans calling Virginia players “Wahoos” during the hotly contested rivalry the two schools shared in the 1890s. Since then the Wahoos has been shortened to Hoos by the school newspaper and has stuck ever since.

8. The Hill

Scott Stadium offers a unique seating experience as fans 18 and under are allowed to sit in the grass under the scoreboard. There aren’t any seats there, so sitting in this section creates a one of a kind way to enjoy a football game.

9. Easy Walking Distance

Scott Stadium is located within a 10-minute walk of UVA’s campus making it easy to get to the stadium from the tailgate. It also helps visiting fans to get a feel for what being a UVA student is like as they get to experience the campus first hand.

10. Beautiful View

Scott Stadium offers a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, particularly Monticello Mountain to the south. This wonderful scenery contributes to the atmosphere and splendid feeling of a Cavaliers football game.  

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