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Husky Stadium is one of the loudest stadiums in all of football as the slanted seats and the covered roof trap in the noise. The noise here is deafening and even Huskies fans find themselves covering their ears. Huskies fans are also very knowledgeable as they know when to get loud and when to remain quiet in order to give their team the best home field advantage possible. If you love college football then you’ll fit right in with Huskies fans.

The stadium itself also provides you with a great view of Lake Washington and the Seattle Skyline as well as the action on the field. The seats in the lower bowl are close to the action giving you the feeling you are in the game. The stadium also has great sightlines all throughout as the steep upper deck means you’re as close to the action as possible. Regardless of where you sit, you’ll have a great view of not only the game but also the beauty that can be found all around you.

Things to check out

Lake Washington and Seattle Skyline

The upper deck at Husky Stadium provides a great view of both Lake Washington and the Seattle Skyline making it one of the most beautiful stadiums in the country. You can even get a view of Seattle’s most famous landmark, The Space Needle, which makes for an excellent photo op.

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Off-Leash Desk

Husky Stadium provides the fans with a unique experience of being able to purchase beer and wine inside the stadium during the game. Husky Heritage ticket holders have exclusive access to this area located on the northwest corner of Husky Stadium.

The Zone

Located behind the East end zone, this area provides local favorites and a unique experience for fans. Here you’ll find the quality of food unmatched by any of the other concession stands in the stadium. If you’re looking to find the best game day cuisine, then look no further than The Zone.

The Wave

The famous traditional fan gesture originated at Husky Stadium. It’s fully present at Husky Stadium and can be seen numerous times throughout games.

Go Huskies

At every home game, fans have their traditional chant to help cheer on the Huskies at home games. One-half of the stadium yells “GO” and the other half responds with “HUSKIES.”

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University of Washington Huskies Marching Band

The Huskies Marching Band has been going strong since 1929 and can be seen performing at every football game. The band plays many fan favorites including the school’s fight song “Bow Down to Washington” and also puts on an excellent halftime show.

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Harry the Husky and Dubs

The Washington Huskies have two mascots an anthropomorphic husky named Harry the Husky and an Alaskan Malamute named Dubs. Check out these two mascots as they entertain the fans during breaks in play.

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Fight Songs

  1. Bow Down to Washington

    “Bow Down to Washington” is the official fight song of the Washington Huskies. It was written in 1915 by Lester J. Wilson during a competition that was requesting a new song for the University. The song is usually performed by the Huskies marching band and was first used at the Washington-California football game on November 6, 1915, where the Huskies earned a 72-0 home victory.

  2. UW Alma Mater

    Bow Down to Washington,
    Bow Down to Washington.
    Mighty are the men who wear the Purple and the Gold,
    Joyfully we welcome them within the Victor’s fold.
    We will carve our name in the Hall of Fame,
    To preserve the memory of our Devotion.

    So, heaven help the foes of Washington,
    They’re trembling at the feet of mighty Washington.
    Our boys are there with bells,
    Their fighting blood excells,
    It’s harder to push them over the lines than pass the Dardanelles.
    So Victory’s the cry of Washington
    Our leather lungs together with a Rah! Rah! Rah!
    And o’er the land, the loyal band
    Will sing the glory of Washington forever!

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