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The in-game atmosphere at Camp Randall rivals the outside, and it’s hard to decide which is a better all around experience, which is a great problem to have for fans!  Wisconsin Fans always bring their energy and absolute loyalty towards the Badgers to every game, and it results in an utterly magical and perfect place to watch a football game.  It’s quite common to see grown men with giant badger furs or cheeseheads walking around, or an entire student section taunting a visiting student in their section & feel like the worst person on earth.

During the game, it seems as though every few minutes there’s another tradition being started, and they’re all unique, fun, and entertaining at the same time. The Badgers play a hard-hitting style of football, with plenty of running plays and touchdowns.  Expect to be standing and cheering more than ½ the time, all while joining in on the many traditions.  To close, as a true Sconnie & Badger would say When you say Wisconsin, You’ve said it all!”

Things to check out

Jump Around

It’s been voted one of the best college traditions, and it starts at the end of the 3rd Quarter, where the student sections ‘race’ on the scoreboard through an animated video. After the sections cheer for their team (and a section wins) House of Payne’s “Jump Around” starts playing, and the entire stadium starts jumping up and down. It’s by far one of the coolest things you’ll see!

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Old Gym / Field House

Even though it’ll probably be closed on gameday, The ‘Old Gym” is the giant stone building at the South Endzone. It was the old Basketball gym (it still houses the VolleyBall and wrestling teams) and is a pretty epic throwback and an excellent place to walk around it.

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Be sure to take out your keys and jingle them before every kickoff!

Concourse History

Throughout the concourse of Camp Randall, you’ll see images of old Badger greats decorated through the walls. It’ll be hard to stop and read much of it (since inside the stadium is so much fun) but if you have the time, check it out!

Bucky Pushups

After every touchdown, Bucky will do the pushups to the # of points that the Badgers have scored. Join the fans and count the # for Bucky!


Like most modern stadiums, Wisconsin has a massive Scoreboard where they show replays, have competitions, and also have segments to ‘get to know your Badgers” which is always fun to watch!

Slow and Fast Wave

Most stadiums do the wave at some point in a game, but Badger fans introduce a Slow, Fast, and Reverse wave. All fans seem to know how to do it, and it’s the best wave you’ll ever see.

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5th Quarter

The band performs after the game, called the “5th Quarter” as fans leave the stadium. It’s usual to see 40k-50k fans stay after the game (more than ½ of all fans!) stay for the band to play Wisconsin Favorites and also some great modern day tunes. Everyone is welcome to stay and enjoy!

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Fight Songs

  1. On Wisconsin

    On Wisconsin is one of the most popular college fight songs because of it’s fast and upbeat nature. It’s used by 100’s of high schools throughout the nation, so if you’d heard the tune before, you know where it started!

    On, Wisconsin!
    On, Wisconsin!
    Plunge right through that line!
    Run the ball clear down the field,
    A touchdown sure this time.
    On, Wisconsin!
    On, Wisconsin!
    Fight on for her fame
    Fight! Fellows!
    Fight, fight, fight!
    We’ll win this game.

    On, Wisconsin!
    On, Wisconsin!
    Stand up, Badgers, sing!
    “Forward” is our driving spirit,
    Loyal voices ring.
    On, Wisconsin!
    On, Wisconsin!
    Raise her glowing flame
    Stand, Fellows,
    Let us now
    Salute her name!

  2. Varsity

    Is Wisconsin’s “Varsity” Song. Be sure to grab a fellow Badger (or the people next to you, and slowly sway to ‘Varsity’!

    Var-sity! Var-sity!
    U-rah-rah! Wisconsin!
    Praise to thee we sing
    Praise to thee our Alma Mater
    U-rah-rah, Wisconsin!

    (Fanfare of trumpets, followed by:)

    Our Team is RED HOT!
    (two drum beats and repeat until hoarse)

  3. If You Want to be a Badger

    Our personal favorite Badger song. It’s not the official fight song, but it does have it’s own dance / hand movements. A favorite of all!

    If you want to be a Badger,
    Just come along with me,
    By the light, by the light,
    By the light of the moon.
    If you want to be a Badger,
    Just come along with me,
    By the bright shining light of the moon.  

    By the light of the moon,
    By the light of the moon,
    By the bright shining light,
    By the light of the moon.
    If you want to be a Badger,
    Just come along with me,
    By the bright shining light of the moon.

  4. Bud

    Another Fan Favorite, it’s a polka song from an old Budweiser commercial, but Wisconsin adopted it after a 1978 epic, come from behind win over Oregon. You’ll see plenty of Badgers polka-ing in the stands during this song!

    When you say Wis-con-sin,
    You’ve said it all!

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