1. Jump Around & Camp Randall

Camp Randall is one of the largest, loudest, and most fun stadiums in the US.  It’s been sold out for every Badger Game for the past ten years, and the fans can get downright crazy when the Badgers are in a close game.  Camp Randall has a ton of different traditions, everything from the student section race (and chants), “1st & Ten Wisconsin”, the band playing in the stands after halftime, but most importantly…JUMP AROUND.  It’s been voted one of the best college traditions, and even required the stadium to make renovations, simply because so many people jumping had never happened at a stadium before.  It’s by far one of the coolest things you’ll see!

2. Wisconsin Drinking

Many activities in Wisconsin revolve around drinking, and slamming brews for Badger games is high on that list.  The Wisconsin Students take pride in the grossly excessive amount of beer they drink before games, but it does get quite cold in Wisconsin 🙂  Badger Fans tend to party at four major places: 1) Around the stadium at College houses, where you’ll find the Octobong and other Gigantic Beer Bongs 2) Frat houses on the Water 3) Tailgating around the Stadium 4) State Street.

3. The Band - Ingame and Pre-Game! The 5th Quarter

The Wisconsin Band is a very talented, but underrated group of all ‘horn’ instruments (no woodwind instruments allowed!) meaning that it’s loud and sounds like a college marching band should!  Also, the band has a unique marching step, which requires almost constant year around conditioning training.  The band director makes the team do conditioning drills all year so they can keep up the march and always be in sync.  Finally, the band performs a special show after the game, called the “5th Quarter” as fans leave the stadium.  Everyone is welcome to stay and enjoy!

4. The 5th Quarter

The band performs after the game, called the “5th Quarter” as fans leave the stadium.   It’s usual to see 40k-50k fans stay after the game (more than ½ of all fans!) stay for the band to play Wisconsin Favorites and also some great modern day tunes.  Everyone is welcome to stay and enjoy!

5. Bucky the Badger

Wisconsin’s mascot, Bucky the Badger, is one the most recognizable mascots in college football, yet also has a few traditions himself.  Bucky does the score in pushups after every Badger touchdown, which can amass to hundreds of pushups each game.  At Wisconsin – Indiana game, he had to do 83 pushups at once!

6. Fans

Wisconsin Fans are some of the most passionate in the world & love all their sports, but Football holds a special place in their heart.  A real Badger Fan will easily understand all these terms: Brats, Bucky, Dayne, Curds, Polka, and Bubbler while taking down a few beers in a two story bong.  Badger fans travel exceptionally & always make their presence felt at opposing team venues.  If your team is playing the Badgers, make sure to stockpile all the cheese and Miller products before they arrive!

7. Big Ten Football

The Big Ten style of football is thought of by many to be ‘old’ and some even say ‘boring,’ but people in the Midwest might consider it to be the ‘winning’ style.  Wisconsin’s style is an extreme version, but they consistently have one of the most dominant offenses in all of football.  Why should you change the recipe when you have one of the best running backs in all of the NCAAF each and every year with linemen averaging at 6 Feet, 7 inches while weighing 330lb+!

8. Night Games

If you’ve ever been to Camp Randall for a night game, you know it’s a very amazing and unique place.  Unlike LSU, Wisconsin only does one or (max) two night games a year, and typically reserve them for the biggest game of the season.  The games are crazy and allow fans to see everything that Madison is about while giving fans an excuse to drink for 7+ more hours!

9. Madison, WI

Madison is regularly rated as one of the best college sports towns in the US, and for good reason.  There’s two lakes, a beautiful campus, State Street & the Capitol, Badger fans everywhere, and Camp Randall. Madison is on our Top 10 list of College Towns to visit,  and we recommend you book tickets to a game soon!

10. the Union

The Union is without a doubt one of the fondest memories of Badger fans, and something everyone goes to at some point during their weekend.  The Union (the Memorial Union for those that don’t know) is on Lake Mendota, and fans can have a pitcher at one of the few student unions that serve beer while eating brats and looking out to people sailing.  It’s one of the best places to watch a sunset in our list!

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