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One of the most unique things about attending a game at War Memorial Stadium is the fact it is the highest Division I college football stadium. Listed officially at 7,220 feet above sea level, War Memorial Stadium is more than a mile above sea level providing Wyoming quite the home field advantage.

The mountainous location of War Memorial Stadium also leads to it providing a fantastic view as the stadium is set right between the Rocky Mountains and the Laramie Range. You’ll find the drive to Laramie and views from the stadium are second to none when it comes to taking in natural beauty at a college football game.

It’s not just the amazing location and views of War Memorial Stadium that make a trip to see the Cowboys highly enjoyable; the fans also provide a rocking atmosphere that is well worth the price of admission. You’ll find a great party atmosphere here in Laramie as everyone no matter what their age loves to get up and get loud when supporting the Cowboys. The music played throughout the game also really plays to the crowd by playing a variety of country music and classic rock, which keeps the energy level high even when things aren’t going the Cowboys way.

Things to check out

The Arch

The Arch was built in 2010 and is a massive free standing video screen that provides fans excellent replays of all the action on the field. The Arch also serves a bit part in the Cowboys pregame entrance as before every game Wyoming runs through the Arch onto the field.

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Cowboy Tough and Fanning a Twister statues

Located right by the Arch Cowboy Tough features a cowboy riding a bucking bronco. Fanning a Twister is located at the main entrance of the athletic complex and portrays the Cowboy spirit just like Cowboy Tough, so stop by both of these statues for the excellent photo op they provide.

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Western Thunder Marching Band

The Wyoming marching band is fun to watch and keeps everyone pumped up and engaged with the action on the field throughout the game. The band also put on a great halftime show, which gauging the reaction from the crowd shows how amped the band gets the fans.

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Pistol Pete

Pistol Pete is the cowboy mascot of the Wyoming Cowboys. Throughout the game, fans can see Pistol Pete entertaining the crowd on the sidelines. Keep your eyes peeled for Pistol Pete and his crazy antics.

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Cowboy Joe

Cowboy Joe is Wyoming’s pony mascot who is primarily seen at football games. Cowboy Joe pumps up the crowd when he takes the field, so be ready to get excited when you see Wyoming’s famous pony take the field.

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Fight Songs

  1. Ragtime Cowboy Joe

    Cowboys fans stand and clap when the Western Thunder perform this song and at the end everyone spells out Cowboys and chants Cowboys! twice.

    He always sings raggy music
    to his cattle as he swings
    Back and forward in his saddle
    on a horse (pretty good horse!)
    He’s a syncopated gaiter
    And you out to hear the meter
    to the roar of his repeater
    How they run (yes run!)
    When they hear him come,
    because the western folks all know,
    He’s a high fallutin’, rootin’ tootin’
    Son of a gun from old Wyoming
    Ragtime Cowboy, (talk about your cowboy),  Ragtime Cowboy Joe.

  2. Fight, Wyoming, Fight

    Wyoming’s primary fight song

    Come on, Cowboys, gold and brown!
    Show them how, boys, hold them down!
    Start right now, boys, don’t’ delay,
    Break away, win today.
    Take that ball, and one, two, three!
    Carry on triumphantly — Come on and fight! Fight! Fight, you Cowboys, fight!
    Come on and fight to victory!

  3. The Beer Song

    In Heaven, there is no beer
    No beer!
    That’s why we drink it here
    Right here!
    And where we’re going from here,
    Our friends will be drinking our beer.

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