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College hoops fans making the trip to Vegas would be doing themselves a disservice not to take some time to attend a UNLV game at the Thomas & Mack Center. The Thomas & Mack Center is one of the best venues in college basketball and an excellent place to take in a game. The arena offers incredible views of the court and all around the facility you’ll find tributes to legendary UNLV players and coaches of the past.

UNLV hoops are no slouch having gone to four Final Fours and taking home championship honors in 1990. The Runnin’ Rebels put on a good show every game even if their best years may be behind them, so don’t let the fact UNLV is in the Mountain West fool you into thinking you’ll be attending a run of the mill mid-major game.

The production at Runnin’ Rebels games is also top notch, and you’ll feel an electric atmosphere before the game even starts. The UNLV pregame show is one of the best in the country and will get everyone up and cheering regardless of what team they support.

A UNLV game is a fun way to spend some time in Vegas thanks to the excellent in-game entertainment and basketball on display.

Things to check out

Jerry Tarkanian Statue

The Rebels honor the greatest coach in UNLV basketball history with a statue outside of the Thomas & Mack Center. Tarkanian took the Rebels to four Final Fours and won a national title at UNLV, so stop by the statue and pay tribute to this legendary coach.

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Championship and Retired Number Banners

Hanging above the court are banners celebrating the Runnin’ Rebels many accomplishments over the years. The program’s 1990 NCAA Championship banner is the headliner although there are plenty more for you to see when attending a UNLV game.

Hey Reb!

Hey Reb! has been a fixture at UNLV games since 1983 and makes quite the impression with his long mustache and musket. Hey Reb! is also known for being one of the best mascots in the NCAA having come in second in the 2004 Capital one Mascot of the Year competition.

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Pregame Show

It should come as little surprise that UNLV is home to one of the most exhilarating pregame shows in college basketball. The show features all the pizazz of a Vegas show and will bring everyone to their feet, so arrive early and enjoy the incredible spectacle that is the UNLV pregame show.

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Dick Calvert

Dick Calvert has been announcing UNLV games for over four decades and is a big part of any Runnin’ Rebels basketball game. Calvert’s voice is synonymous with the Rebels, so enjoy his calls when attending a UNLV game.

Fight Songs

  1. Rebels Chop

    One of UNLV’s signature cheers is the Rebels Chop. During the chant Rebels, fans chant Re-bels! while makes a chopping motion with their arm. The chant energizes the team and gives everyone up and chanting.

  2. Win with the Rebels

    Win with the Rebels a victory today!
    Win with the Rebels, the Scarlet and Gray.
    From mountains that surround you to far across the sea
    We’ll win with the Rebels of UNLV.
    U-N-L-V UNLV Go, Fight Win.
    We’ll win with the Rebels of UNLV

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