1. Trojan Greats on Sports Illustrated Exhibit

Stop by the Trojan Greats on Sports Illustrated Exhibit to see all of the former Trojans who have graced the cover of Sports Illustrated. USC has had a lot of athletes on the cover of the famous sports news magazine, so take some time to check out all of the covers.

2. National Titles Display

No trip to the Galen Center is complete without taking a minute to appreciate all of the national championship trophies won by USC. Make sure to stop by the lower concourse and check them all out during your trip to the Galen Center.


3. USC Song Girls

The USC Song Girls are one of if not the most famous spirit squads in all of college sports. They pump up the crowd with their cheers and routines, so don’t miss the famous spirit group when attending a USC basketball game.

4. Tommy Trojan and Traveler

In 2013, USC unveiled new costumed versions of their two famous mascots, Tommy Trojan and Traveler. The two can be seen entertaining the crowd at every USC home basketball game and have quickly become a big part of the gameday experience, so keep an eye out for Tommy and Traveler at the game.

5. Louis Galen Bust and Tribute

USC does an excellent job of paying tribute to the Galen Center’s namesake with a bust of him as well as a tribute to him and his wife. Check out both to learn more about the man behind the Galen Center.


6. “V” for Victory

The two-fingered salute created with the extended index and middle fingers is often displayed by Trojan fans to symbolize victory, but it has a much deeper historical significance. When ancient Trojans would defeat an opponent, they would cut the first two fingers of an enemy’s right hand so they couldn’t hold a sword. Then, to mock them, the Trojans would hold up their still-attached two fingers. Show off your Trojan pride by displaying this victory symbol as you cheer on USC.

7. Banners

Hanging above the court of the Galen Center are banners celebrating the best players in USC history. The banners honor greats such as Paul Westphal and Bill Sharman, so take them all in.

8. Trojan Pep Band

USC is home to one of the best marching bands in the country, and their pep band is no slouch either. Enjoy hearing the pep band play all of your favorite Trojans tunes including “Fight On!” and “Conquest.”

9. DJ Malski

Enjoy the musical stylings of DJ Malski when attending a Trojans basketball game. DJ Malski is quite the accomplished DJ having appeared on stage with many famous rappers such as Kanye West and can also be heard at Rams football games and on 102.3 KJLH.

10. Ryan Francis Memorial Bench

Take a minute to stop by the bench dedicated to former USC point guard Ryan Francis. Francis was killed in 2006, and the memorial is a nice way to keep his memory alive.

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