1. Olympics

All around the arena you’ll find reminders to the fact that the Olympics were held here. The arena was the site of figure skating and short-track speed skating during the 2002 Olympics, so make sure to check out these Olympic remnants during your visit.

2. Bear

The Jazz’s Hall of Fame mascot Bear is one of the best in the NBA. Bear performs some incredible stunts, such as a one-handed handstand on top of a 50 ft ladder, and is one of the most beloved mascots in the NBA so keep an eye for him.

3. Jazz Dancers

The Jazz Dancers will keep everyone entertained with their incredible dance routines. Don’t miss these amazing dancers during your visit to Salt Lake City.

4. Jazz Dunk Team

The Jazz Dunk Team’s high flying dunks will get you up and cheering. These guys bring life into the arena even when things aren’t going the Jazz’s way, so be on the lookout for them during the game.

5. Bear's Backyard

Bear’s Backyard is the perfect place to take the kids before the game. The playground features plenty of fun for kids and will wear them out making it easier for you to enjoy the game.

6. Jazz Drumline

The rhythm of the Jazz Drumline brings the arena to life. You can’t help but rise to your feet when this outstanding drumline performs. The Jazz Drumline also features some of the most colorful uniforms of any drumline in the NBA, so make sure to check those out as well.

7. Interactive Team

The interactive team gets everyone in the upper bowl up and cheering. The interactive team get the arena rocking and help create an incredible atmosphere so get loud when you see them for your chance to win some cool prizes.

8. HD Video Display Board

For years the Jazz were lacking an HD video board above center court, however, in 2013 the arena’s video system finally received an upgrade. Make sure to check out this impressive video board during your trip to Salt Lake City

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