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It may come as a surprise, but you’ll find one of the best experiences in college basketball in Logan, Utah. The atmosphere inside the Smith Spectrum is electric and something every college hoops fan should experience at least once. ESPN even put a Utah State basketball game on their NCAA bucket list, so make sure to take the opportunity to attend an Aggies basketball game.

The fan support at Utah State is incredible. Whether it’s the students or alumni, everyone in the Smith Spectrum makes a ton of noise on game days. The student section, known as The Hurd, is especially loud and home to all of the Aggies’ famous cheers including their famous “Winning team, losing team” chant and “I believe that we will win.” The Hurd is also home to the one and only “Wild Bill,” so you know you’ll be in for a show when attending a Utah State basketball game.

Before or after the game make sure to stop by some nearby local favorites to grab a bite to eat. Fredrico’s Pizza, Aggie Ice Cream, and Angie’s Diner are all favorites among Logan residents meaning you won’t go wrong stopping by any of them.

A trip to see a Utah State basketball game is a must for anyone who loves college basketball and is an excellent time no matter what team you support, just don’t expect your team to win if you’re supporting the visitors.

Things to check out

Aggieshack Souvenir Shop

The Aggieshack souvenir shop is the place to get all of your Aggie attire and memorabilia. Here you’ll find just about any Utah State gear you could ever want, so make sure to stock up during your trip to Logan.

The Hurd

The Hurd is the Aggies student section, and is the loudest voice of support during games. They produces a dirt sheet called “The Refraction” for every game and Hurd member “Wild Bill” has gained a national reputation for his ability to distract opponents, so enjoy the atmosphere created by The Hurd at a Utah State game.

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Big Blue

Once an actual bull painted blue, Big Blue became a costumed mascot in 1987. Big Blue is one of the most recognizable mascots in the Mountain West and is famous for repelling down from the JumboTron at basketball games, although he puts on quite the show at football games as well.

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Fight Songs

  1. The Scotsman

    After the Aggies band plays the school’s fight song, Hail the Utah Aggies, the Hurd fan section sings another one called “The Scotsman.” It is a short little song that they sing twice going through two different arm motions. It is quite the spectacle and adds a little bit of Utah State flare to the game.

    Show me the Scotsman who doesnt’ love the thistle.
    Show me the Englishman who doesn’t love the rose.
    Show me the true blooded Aggie from Utah
    Who doesn’t love the spot where the sagebrush grows!

    (Repeat- Louder & Faster) 

  2. Hail the Utah Aggies

    The school’s primary fight song

    Hail the Utah Aggies,
    We’ll play the game with all our might.
    See the colors flying,
    The Aggie Blue and Fighting White.
    How they stir us onward!
    We’ll gain the victory, All Right!
    Hail the Utah Aggies,
    We’re out to win so Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Utah State Hey! Aggies all the way!
    Go Aggies! Go Aggies! Hey! Hey! Hey!

    (Repeat First Verse) 

  3. Alma Mater

    Across the Quad at even tide,
    As shadows softly fall,
    The tower of Old Main appears and
    Peace rests over all.
    The lighted “A” upon the hill
    Stands out against the blue;
    Oh, Alma Mater, Utah State,
    My heart sings out to you.

    And through the years as time rolls on,
    And student friendships grow,
    We’ll ne’er forget the joys we had,
    Those days we use to know.
    Thy mem’ries ever will be new,
    Thy friends be ever true;
    Oh, Alma Mater, Utah State,
    My heart sings out to you.

  4. I Believe That We Will Win!

    I believe that we will win!

    I believe that we will win!

    I believe that we will win!

  5. Winning Team, Losing Team

    In the waning minutes of an Aggies victory, The Hurd will taunt their opposition by pointing that their opponents are the losing team. The chant is a fun way to rub it in, so join in and show off your Aggies pride.

    Is that not a score board?
    Yes that is a score board!
    Is that not a 74?
    Yes that is a 74!
    Is that not a 62?
    Yes that is a 62!
    Is that not the winning team?
    Yes that is the winning team!
    Is that not the losing team?
    Yes that is the losing team!


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