1. The Hurd

The Hurd is the Aggies student section, and is the loudest voice of support during games. They produces a dirt sheet called “The Refraction” for every game and Hurd member “Wild Bill” has gained a national reputation for his ability to distract opponents, so enjoy the atmosphere created by The Hurd at a Utah State game.

2. Winning Team, Losing Team

In the waning minutes of an Aggies victory, The Hurd will taunt their opposition by pointing that their opponents are the losing team. The chant is a fun way to rub it in, so join in and show off your Aggies pride.

3. Old Oquirrh Bucket

From 1974 to 2010 Utah schools played for the Old Oquirrh Bucket. The trophy was awarded to the team with the best record against in-state opponents creating an intense rivalry between all of the Utah schools. Utah schools may no longer play for the Old Oquirrh Bucket, but there are still a lot of bragging rights on the line, so don’t miss it when a Utah-based school comes to the Smith Spectrum.

4. Big Blue

Once an actual bull painted blue, Big Blue became a costumed mascot in 1987. Big Blue is one of the most recognizable mascots in the Mountain West and is famous for repelling down from the JumboTron at basketball games.

5. Utah State-Colorado State Rivalry

The rivalry between Utah State and Colorado State began during 1939-40 season. The two were conference rivals in the Mountain States Conference up until 1962, and would regularly schedule each other afterward. In 2013, Utah State and Colorado State once again became conference rivals, so make sure to get tickets when these two meet.

6. Aggieshack Souvenir Shop

The Aggieshack souvenir shop is the place to get all of your Aggie attire and memorabilia. Here you’ll find just about any Utah State gear you could ever want, so make sure to stock up during your trip to Logan.

7. Utah State-Nevada

Utah State’s rivalry with Nevada dates back to when both schools were members of the WAC, and the rivalry has been a fierce one ever since. From 2005 to 2012, the two schools won every WAC championship, so don’t miss it when these two battle it out on the hardwood.

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