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San Antonio is the home of the NBA’s very successful San Antonio Spurs and has hosted the NCAA Final Four on several occasions, so there’s little doubt that the city is a basketball town. As a result of the city’s love for all things basketball, you’ll find a nice sized crowd at UTSA basketball games.

The Convocation Center is one of the smallest venues in Conference USA and home to a quaint in-game atmosphere. You’ll be right on top of the action when attending a Roadrunners basketball game making it the perfect chance to get up close to some great players when big name opponents come to town.

In addition to an intimate atmosphere, you’ll also find everything you’re looking for in a college basketball game at the Convocation Center. The Roadrunners pep band, cheer squad, and pom squad all put on good performances, and the arena features several tributes to past teams and players as well.

A UTSA basketball game is a good time for someone looking to attending a basketball game without breaking the bank and offers an excellent opportunity to experience an intimate in-game atmosphere.

Things to check out

Basketball Display Case

Check out the UTSA basketball display case when attending a Roadrunners basketball game. The exhibit features jerseys, basketballs, pictures, and much more, so stop by and see it before the game.


Hanging above the court are several banners honoring the Roadrunners trips to the NCAA Tournament. Take them all in to remember the best teams in UTSA basketball history.


Rowdy is the official mascot of the UTSA Roadrunners, and his origin can be traced back to 1977. Since then Rowdy has become a fan favorite entertaining the crowds all throughout the game. Keep your eyes peeled for Rowdy on the sidelines as he is sure to put a smile on your face.

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Pep Band

The UTSA pep band helps provide a fun in-game atmosphere with their tunes. The band plays a lot of UTSA songs including “Go Roadrunners, Go,” so make sure to enjoy the pep band when attending a Roadrunners basketball game.

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Cheer and Pom Squads

You won’t have to worry about keeping yourself entertained at a UTSA basketball game. The cheer and pom squads put on great performances and will keep you glued to the action even during stoppages in play.

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Fight Songs

  1. Go Roadrunners, Go

    Fight Song

    Go, Roadrunners, Go!
    On to victory with all your might.
    Fight, Roadrunners, Fight!
    For the Blue and the Orange and the White.
    We fight for U-T-S-A
    Alma Mater proud and strong.
    Win, Roadrunners, Win!
    And unite in our battle song.

  2. Alma Mater

    From our hills of oak and cedar
    To the Alamo,
    Voices raised will echo
    As, in song, our praises flow.
    Hail Alma Mater!
    Through the years our loyalty will grow.
    The University of Texas
    San Antonio

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