1. The Green Men

The Canucks Green Men duo of Force and Sully are two of the most well known super fans in the NHL. They sit next to the penalty box and are famous for their outlandish antics, so don’t miss The Green Men when attending a game in Vancouver.

2. Towel Power

The Towel Power tradition dates back to the 1982 Campbell Conference Finals when Canucks head coach Roger Neilson waved a white towel during game two of the series. Following the Canucks return to Vancouver fans began waving towels in support of the team. The tradition continues today with Canucks fans waving white towels at every playoff game, so join in on the fun.

3. Luc Bourdon Wall of Dreams

The Luc Bourdon Wall of Dreams is a tribute to former Canucks player Luc Bourdon who was killed in a motorcycle accident. The wall honors those playing minor hockey and is located near Gate 3, so make sure to check it out.

4. 2010 Olympics Tribute

Don’t miss the Olympic Tribute during your visit to Rogers Arena. The Olympic Tribute showcases Vancouver’s hosting of the 2010 Winter Olympics and is an excellent way to remember a game.

5. Mark Donnelly

Mark Donnelly has been the anthem singer for the Vancouver Canucks since 2001 and over time has become a fan favorite. Get to your seat before the puck drops so you can hear Donnelly’s rousing rendition of “O Canada.”

6. Vancouver Canucks Ring of Honor

The Canucks Ring of Honour pays tribute to the greatest players in Canucks history including Kirk McLean, Pat Quinn, and Matthias Ohlund. Check out the Canucks Ring of Honour during your next visit to Rogers Arena to remember some of your favorite players from the past.

7. Roger Neilson Statue

Located outside Gate 3, you’ll see the statue honoring former Canucks coach Roger Neilson. Neilson led the Canucks to their first Stanley Cup Finals appearance in 1982 and is famous for energizing his team by waving a white towel in Game 2 of the 1982 Campbell Conference Finals. Stop by this statue and remember one of the best moments in Canucks history.

8. Rogers Arena Tour

If you’re getting into town the day before the game see if you take a tour of Rogers Arena. The tour offers you exclusive access to Rogers Arena and is an excellent way to spend a couple of hours, so take the tour and see the press box and locker rooms in person.

9. Personalized Goal Songs

Rather than having one goal song for the entire team, the Canucks play a different goal song for each player. Be in attendance when your favorite player scores so you can hear his unique goal song.

10. Fin the Whale

The Canucks’ mascot Fin can be seen banging drums and firing t-shirts into the crowd at every Canucks game. Keep your eyes open for this killer whale since you won’t want to miss his wild antics.

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