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The VCU Rams recent rise to prominence has made attending a game at the Siegel Center a must for any diehard college hoops fans. Not only will you see a fantastic game of basketball when attending a Rams game you’ll also be treated to one of the best student sections and pep bands in the nation. The Rowdy Rams go all out to support their team on game days, and you’ll struggle to hear yourself think due to how loud the Siegel Center gets. The Peppas are also a fantastic part of any VCU game as their impressive performance will have you wanting to come back to Richmond soon.

Before tipoff, make sure to take some time to explore the Siegel Center and see all of the VCU athletics displays. The Final Four display and Wall of Distinction are must-sees for any college sports fan, and all around the arena are plaques dedicated to the best athletes in school history. Arrive early and take it all in before watching a thrilling game of Rams basketball.

After the game, take some time to explore Richmond, which is home to lots of Civil War history as well as some great bars and restaurants. F.W. Sullivans is a great place to grab a drink, and you can’t beat The Village Cafe if you’re looking to experience a Richmond staple.

A trip to Richmond to see a VCU game is a fantastic road trip for any college hoops fan, so start planning your trip today.

Things to check out

Wall of Distinction

Take some time before the game to walk the concourse and see the Wall of Distinction and the plaques honoring all of the best athletes in VCU history. The Wall of Distinction and plaques are must-sees for any college sports fan, so make sure to check them out.

Final Four Display

Before the game, stop by and check out the Final Four display. The display is an excellent tribute to the best team in VCU history and is a can’t miss whether you’re a VCU fan or not.

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Once you reach your seat, take a look at the banners hanging from the rafters. The banners celebrate the best teams and players in Rams history and are a great way for you to relive all of your favorite VCU hoops moments.

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Rowdy Rams

The Rowdy Rams are one of the best student sections in the Atlantic 10, and a big part of what makes attending a VCU basketball game such an incredible event. No matter what the score, you’ll hear the Rowdy Rams serenading the opponent team with their intimidating chants. Enjoy the cheers and chants coming from the Rowdy Rams when attending a VCU game.

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The Peppas

The VCU Pep Band, or “The Peppas” are one of the best parts of any VCU basketball game. The band plays a variety of songs ranging from school songs to pop hits and provides a fantastic atmosphere at every Rams basketball game, so enjoy their performance throughout the game.

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Rodney the Ram

Keep an eye open for Rodney the Ram during your visit to VCU. Fans young and old enjoy Rodney’s antics, and you’ll soon learn why, so don’t miss him when taking in a Rams basketball game.

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VCU superfan and National Anthem singer Chris Crowley, or as everyone knows him Pav, is a can’t miss part of any VCU Rams basketball game. Get to your seat early, so you don’t miss Pav’s wonderful rendition of the National Anthem during your trip to VCU.

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Fight Songs

  1. “Ram Fight Song”

  2. “War Song”

  3. “VCU Alma Mater”

  4. V! C! U! VCU, VCU Go Rams, Go!

  5. Rowdy Rams Chants

    List of chants performed by VCU student section

    You don’t wanna go to war, with the Rams, don’t start no STUFF won’t be no STUFF!

    Go! Rams!

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