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The Cavaliers moved into the new John Paul Jones Arena in 2006, which has quickly become one of the best facilities in the ACC. John Paul Jones Arena is home to incredible sightlines, a fun atmosphere, and a competitive team making a trip to Charlottesville a great experience for any college basketball fan.

The stands inside John Paul Jones Arena are rather steep, so you’ll be on top of the action no matter where you’re seated. The fact the fans are on top of the players does an excellent job of creating an electric atmosphere and providing the Cavaliers with an incredible home court advantage. It feels like the fans are breathing down the players’ necks, which has gone a long way in making it tough for opposing teams to go into John Paul Jones Arena and come away with a W.

At John Paul Jones Arena you won’t only experience a great atmosphere and game on the court, you’ll also get to enjoy tons of pageantry and tradition on display as well. The pep band, spirit squad, and mascot all do a fantastic job of entertaining the crowd, and there are reminders all around the arena of the Cavaliers glorious basketball past including banners and a hall of fame.

Once the game is over stroll through campus and visit some of the nearby bars and restaurants to grab a bite to eat or something to drink. Littlejohn’s New York Deli and Boylan Heights are great places to check out, although no trip to Charlottesville is complete without having a Gus Burger at the White Spot.

A UVA basketball game is an excellent experience for any college basketball fan, so plan your trip to Charlottesville today.

Things to check out

UVA Basketball Hall of Fame

Make sure to stop by the UVA Basketball Hall of Fame before taking your seat. The Hall of Fame is home to jerseys, trophies, and other artifacts from the Cavaliers past making it a must see for college basketball fans.

Delay Free Radio

One of the coolest things about attending a UVA basketball game is the delay free radio broadcasts. Inside John Paul Jones Arena you can get broadcasts from 91.5 FM that are delay-free matching the commentary to the action on the court.


Hanging from the rafters of John Paul Jones Arena are banners honoring the Cavaliers runs to the Final Four in 1981 and 1984 as well as the program’s seven ACC championships. The banners do an excellent job of showcasing Virginia’s impressive basketball history, so take them in before the game starts.

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The Hoo Crew

The Hoo Crew is the name of the student section at Virginia. They are known as one of the best student sections in the nation and even won the 2014 Naismith Student Section of the Year Award. Enjoy the atmosphere provided by The Hoo Crew and join in on their chants to show your support for the Cavaliers.

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Hoos is what UVA fans affectionately call the players and team. The legend is that the term originated from Washington & Lee baseball fans calling Virginia players “Wahoos” during the hotly contested rivalry the two schools shared in the 1890s. Since then the Wahoos has been shortened to Hoos by the school newspaper and has stuck ever since.

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Don’t miss Cavman when attending a Virginia basketball game. The lovable mascot can be seen all throughout the game interacting with fans and leading cheers, so enjoy his antics when attending a Cavaliers basketball game.

Pep Band

The Virginia pep band does an outstanding job of creating a fun atmosphere inside John Paul Jones Arena. The band plays a variety of UVA favorites including “The Cavalier Song” and “The Good Old Song” so enjoy the music.

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Spirit Squads

The spirit squads put on an incredible show and do a great job of pumping up the crowd. The pageantry of a Virginia basketball game is amazing, so soak it all in when attending a game.

Fight Songs

  1. The Cavalier Song

    Come and sing dear old Virginia’s name,
    And make the Blue Ridge roar;
    For the world yields honor to her name
    Who knew her deeds of yore.
    Then make each heart a flowing bowl,
    And pour our pledges strong,
    As down the ages still we roll;
    Virginia’s triumph song.

    Once more our might has won the fight;
    We gain the victor’s due.
    And all men raise their voice to praise
    The orange and blue.
    So, through the years, like Cavaliers,
    We’ll shout Virginia’s name!
    It e’er shall be on land and sea
    A sign of might and fame.

  2. The Good Old Song

    Set to the tune of Auld Lang Syne

    That Good Old Song of Wahoowa,
    We’ll sing it o’er and o’er.
    It cheers our heart and warms the blood
    To hear them shout and roar.
    We come from old Virginia,
    Where all is bright and gay.
    Let’s all join hands and give a yell
    For dear old UVa.

    What though the tide of years may roll
    And drift us far apart,
    For Alma Mater still there’ll be
    A place in ev’ry heart.
    In college days we’ll sing her praise,
    And so, when far away,
    In memory we still shall be
    At the dear old UVa.

    RAY! RAY! U-V-A!

  3. Virginia Hail, All Hail!

    Ten thousand voices sing thy acclaim;
    Ten thousand hearts beat high at thy name;
    All unafraid and girded with good,
    Mother of men a queen thou hast stood;
    Children of thine a true brotherhood,
    Virginia, Hail, All Hail!
    Virginia, Hail, All Hail!

    Long let thy praises live and resound;
    Long let thy virtues in us abound;
    Let morning radiance set thee in sight;
    Let noonday brilliance crown thee with light;
    Let evening sun sink kissing goodnight,
    Virginia, Hail, All Hail!
    Virginia, Hail, All Hail!

  4. Hoo Time!

    Come shout and sing her name,
    Victory’ll bring us all some fame,
    And when the Wahoos win,
    You’ll wish that you could say,
    You’d be a Wahoo, forever, HOO-RAY!

  5. Wahoos (Hoos for short)

    Go Hoos
    Go Wahoos!

  6. U-V-A Go ‘Hoos Go!

    Go hoos!
    Go wahoos!

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