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The city of Lexington, Virginia lives and dies with the Keydets, and it shows on game days as cadets, alumni, and local fans fill the stands of Alumni Memorial Stadium. The people here love this team, and even when they aren’t performing well on the field, you’ll still find a good crowd inside the stadium. One thing that helps create a great atmosphere at every game is that the cadets are required to attend games, meaning you’ll also find a packed student section inside Alumni Memorial Stadium.

Another incredible part of any VMI football game is the pageantry and traditions on display. VMI football games feature several traditions including the Marchdown before the game, the firing of the cannon after every score, and Rat pushups. The pageantry is worth the price of admission all on its own, so enjoy every minute of it during your trip to VMI.

Finally, if you’re taking the kids to the game, take advantage of the Kids Zone. The Kids Zone is an excellent way to keep the young ones entertained throughout the game meaning you won’t have to worry about restless kids during the game.

A VMI football game is an excellent experience for any college football fan, so get your tickets to a Keydets game today.

Things to check out


After every Keydets score, the cannon is fired. The cannon lets everyone in the area know the Keydets just scored, so even if you aren’t at the game you’ll know when VMI put points on the board.

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Kids Zone

The Kids Zone is located on the south end of the stadium and features inflatables and other kids activities. If you’re bringing the little ones to the game, then make sure to stop by the Kids Zone.


Get to your seat early as you won’t want to miss the Marchdown. The Marchdown takes place 20 minutes before the game when the Corp of Cadets begins marching on the field, so don’t miss it during your trip to VMI.

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Following every Keydets score, the Freshmen, or Rats, do pushups. The pushups are a fun part of every game, so keep an eye out for the Rats after every VMI score.

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Fight Songs

  1. VMI Spirit

    Oh, Clear the way, VMI is out today,
    We’re here to win this game;
    Our team will bring us fame,
    In Alma Mater’s name.
    For though the odds be against us we’ll not care.
    You’ll see us fight the same,
    Always the same old Spirit,
    And we’ll triumph once again;
    And though defeat seems certain, it’s the same with VMI.
    Our battle cry is Never Never Die.

    Chorus: For when our line starts to weaken, our backs fail to gain,
    Our ends are so crippled, to win seems in vain;
    The Corps roots the loudest, we’ll yet win the day,
    The team it will rally and fight — fight — fight! RAY!
    We’ll gain through the line and we’ll circle the end,
    Old Red White and Yellow will triumph again;
    The Keydets will fight ’em and never say die,
    That’s the Spirit of VMI.

  2. The Tribute

    See the Corps in grey and the team in red,
    VMI will be heard from today.
    Let “The Spirit” blend with the cheers we send,
    In the tribute we proudly pay.

    For the glory, the fame and the pride of VMI.
    That red, white and yellow will ever be on high
    May the men who strive to uphold her name
    Lead the Keydet charge to set the field aflame,
    Though the foe may be stronger, they’ll hear our battle cry.
    The “WAHOOS” and “GOBBLERS” will see the squadron fly,
    They will fear it, the spirit, the will to win or die,
    For the V…M…I!

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