You’ll find lots of camaraderie as well as pageantry before the game at VMI making tailgating before a Keydets game a fantastic experience. VMI is a military academy meaning that the fan base is very close knit, and as long as you’re wearing Keydets gear, you’ll fit right in. Even if you aren’t wearing VMI colors, you’ll likely receive a friendly welcome as well due to the fact Keydets fans are some of the friendliest around.

One of the must-see parts of the pregame festivities is the Corp of Cadets Parade. The parade takes place three hours before kickoff and is a memorable part of any VMI game day experience. You won’t want to see the cadets march to the stadium in full uniform before the game as it’s quite the sight to behold.

Tailgating and the pregame festivities at VMI are a big part of the game day experience in Lexington, so arrive early and enjoy everything a Keydets pregame has to offer.


Corp of Cadets Parade

The Corp of Cadets Parade starts three hours before kickoff and is a must-see part of the pregame festivities at VMI. Whether you’re a Keydets fan or not you won’t want to miss this time honored traditions during your visit to Lexington.

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